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About Us

Here at Letter Jacket, we are deeply passionate about envelopes. With more than a hundred years of combined experience, our team of top-notch envelopeurs (yes, we invented that word) knows everything there is to know about the manufacturing, application, and customization of high quality paper envelopes.

However, as much as we love envelopes for their own sake, what gets us truly excited is helping people like you solve problems and save money using our envelopes. Whether you own a business, manage an office, or just need to send a lot of mail, we’re here to help.
When someone receives something in the mail, the envelope is the very first thing they see. That first impression is critical and we want to help you make sure it represents you in the most positive way possible. Our envelope selection and customization tools make it easy to control how you are presented and make what’s on the outside of your envelope just as impressive as what’s on the inside.

Every office supply store sells envelopes, so what makes Letter Jacket special?

  1. 1
    Letter Jacket manufactures, stores, and prints its own envelopes using it’s own machinery, warehouses, and printers.
  2. 2
    That means we can provide incredibly high quality, customized envelopes at a fraction of the price most retailers can offer. You're buying directly from the source with no middleman mark-up.
  3. 3
    It also means you can get true customization. Our industrial printers can do much more than the typical office copy machine, so your envelopes look much more professional and you have more flexibility to be creative and unique.
  4. 4
    It means you get your envelopes very quickly. Since all the envelopes we sell are kept on-hand at all times, the time it takes us to turn around orders of almost any size is very short. Our machinery runs 24 hours a day to make sure every order is completed as quickly as possible.
  5. 5
    Finally, it means you can get a lot of envelopes. And we mean A LOT. If you walk into a typical office supply store and tell the manager you need 5,000 security tint, window envelopes with your logo printed on them, he’s probably going to laugh in your face. But we can get them to you in about three days.
That's the letter jacket difference.