Printed envelope with flowers. Paper beats emails in the sustainability game.

Why Custom Printed Envelopes and Paper Beat Emails in the Sustainability Game

The Joy of Receiving Letters and Cards Receiving letters and cards can add a delightful and engaging element to our daily lives. Unlike emails, letters and handwritten cards offer a tangible and personal touch that digital ...
buying envelopes

Three-Step Guide to Buying Envelopes

Envelopes may look plain and simple, but they play a critical role for your business. Envelopes are essential for delivering paychecks, mailing marketing materials, sending invoices, collecting donations, and keeping messages private. No wonder envelopes come ...
Made in the USA Envelopes

Push the Envelope with Made in the USA Envelopes

Can you picture mailing a donation request without an envelope? What about sending an invoice or mailing a paycheck without an envelope? It’s easy to see why envelopes have been around for thousands of years; we ...
trustworthy business

Becoming a Trustworthy Business is Hard Work

Trust is the foundation for strong, healthy, successful relationships, both professional and personal. Trust is synonymous with integrity, confidence, and honesty. But trust isn’t something that happens in a vacuum; it takes time, commitment, and dedication. ...
benefits of custom printing

3 Benefits of Custom Printing

Never mail a plain, white envelope ever again! Envelopes are like the wrapping for your messages, flyers, marketing materials, and business correspondence. They are the first impression, and can even affect whether a piece of mail ...
distance learning students

How to Stay in Contact With Your Distance Learning Students Using Direct Mail

Schools all across the country and across the world are facing the challenge of distance learning. From elementary schools to colleges, teachers and administrators are getting creative in order to provide quality distance learning experiences and ...
remote workforce

Why Your Remote Workforce Should Use Direct Mail

Don’t hit pause on sales. The pandemic has certainly caused disruption for many businesses, making them pivot many of their marketing strategies due to a new remote workforce. While marketers are fairly used to having to ...
succeed in 2021

3 Direct Mail Trends to Succeed in 2021

2021 is just around the corner, and while 2020 has been challenging, there is anticipation for better days ahead. Direct mail is poised to be the perfect vehicle for today’s climate, as it is perhaps the ...
direct mail marketing

3 Reasons Why Schools Need Direct Mail Marketing

Schools, colleges, universities, trade schools, and training programs depend on one thing to succeed, students. But how do you reach those students? Direct mail marketing can help you connect with parents and alumni, increase enrollment, and ...
custom-envelopes printing tool

A Walkthrough of Our New Custom-Envelopes Printing Tool

Would you attend a networking event and only hand out blank business cards? Of course not. So why are you mailing blank envelopes? Maybe you’ve never thought much about your envelopes before. You stuff them with ...

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