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Building the Right Type of Business Envelope

Building the Right Type of Business Envelope

So you’re convinced that direct mail is the way to go. Now you need to build the right type of business envelope to catch the eye and tell your story. Read on! But first, let’s address ...
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What Are Booklet Envelopes?

What are booklet envelopes, and What are some of the best ways to use them? Booklet envelopes are medium to larger sized envelopes designed for holding larger materials that do not fit in a standard envelope. They are ...

Branding 101: Branding Basics for Building Your Brand

Building your brand in a way that resonates with a wide audience is more art than science. Some of the best branding experts in the world are paid handsome salaries to work their magic and bring ...

Paper Products and Sustainability

Direct mail programs in this modern day and age can be just as sustainable if not more so than paperless programs. From lumber foresters to mills to raw paper manufacturers, every industry is doing their part ...

Custom-Printed Envelopes 101: Bangtails

Bangtail envelopes are a relatively uncommon paper folding design where a loose slip of paper is attached to the envelope flap or the back of the envelope, just like a tail. This slip is attached with ...

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