6 Differences Between Church and Business Branding

Branding for a church or non-profit does not always follow all the same rules as branding for a business. If you work for a church or non-profit, you might even feel hesitation about totally adopting words ...

Keeping Your Brand Human

Small business branding has an advantage. Because you’re still so close to the ground, brand-building blends easily not just with increasing sales, but with deepening relationships and maximizing community impact. As your business grows, here are ...

Target and Its Bullseye Logo

Logos and branding are possibly the single most important aspect of building success for any company. The world is full of logos that are so well known that the moment we see anything similar, we immediately ...

Church Branding: Church Logos

Many people don’t consider logos when they think about churches, but even for these nonprofit, faith-based organizations, branding is important. We live in an increasingly secular society where people are searching for spirituality and a way ...

Church Branding: Getting Your Brand Started with the Right Mindset

Church branding is becoming a critical issue, not just for the health of individual churches but for the state of organized Christianity as a whole. Since the 1960s, both church membership and regular service attendance numbers ...

What Are Booklet Envelopes?

Booklet envelopes are medium-sized envelopes designed for larger, unfolded materials that would not fit in a standard #10-sized envelope. They are perfect for sending small brochures, pamphlets, booklets or stacks of unfolded, unbound paper. Booklet envelopes ...

Branding 101: Brand Differentiation

With more registered businesses out in the wild than ever before, achieving brand differentiation has become a critically important endeavor. Brands that fail to differentiate get trapped in “me, too” syndrome — or worse, obscurity. Those ...

Direct Mail Now — Direct Mail’s Astoundingly Low Cost Per Lead

Conventional marketing knowledge seems to have forgotten all about direct mail — unless, that is, you look at the numbers. Direct mail CPL (cost per lead) still maintains the highest ratio out of any advertising forms ...

Branding 101: Branding Basics for Building Your Brand

Building your brand in a way that resonates with a wide audience is more art than science. Some of the best branding experts in the world are paid handsome salaries to work their magic and bring ...

Branding 101: Using Physical Elements of Envelopes to Relay Brand Messages

As part of our branding basics series, this post will address how the physical elements of envelopes can be a powerful branding ally. While we know that direct mail marketing is still effective, we also recognize ...

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