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6 Ways to Write a Better Business Letter

In the days of text, when even email is on the wane, it can be easy to get sloppy with business writing. I mean IDK what’s the problem with sneding qiuck communication if it looks great ...

How you are Missing out by Going Paperless

There is no denying that green is in.  Everywhere you turn companies are wooing the environmentally-conscious customer by claiming that their paper-free billing, whether it’s e-billing or e-statements, is “better for the environment” or “saves trees.” ...

What Are Booklet Envelopes?

Booklet envelopes are medium-sized envelopes designed for larger, unfolded materials that would not fit in a standard #10-sized envelope. They are perfect for sending small brochures, pamphlets, booklets or stacks of unfolded, unbound paper. Booklet envelopes ...

Stay at the Top of Design Trends With these 2016 Hot Colors

Those outside the design world may not understand the impact that trending colors have. After all, can there really be such a thing as 2016 hot colors or “inventing” a new color? While every color under ...

Direct Mail Now — Direct Mail’s Astoundingly Low Cost Per Lead

Conventional marketing knowledge seems to have forgotten all about direct mail — unless, that is, you look at the numbers. Direct mail CPL (cost per lead) still maintains the highest ratio out of any advertising forms ...

Basics and Direct Mail Best Practices

Direct Mail Now is our series covering what is currently happening in the direct mail world along with the most up-to-the-minute advice, strategies and direct mail best practices. Our last post talked about how direct mail ...

Direct Mail Now: Why Direct Mail Is Making a Comeback

As part of our effort to educate our audience on the state of direct mail as well as strategies that make direct mail campaigns more effective, we are beginning a new continuing post series. We are ...

Is Brand Loyalty Dead?

In an age where nearly-infinite choices are available seemingly at the click of a button, many brands are realizing that the ways brand loyalty are defined and attained have fundamentally changed. Their realization stems from the ...

Branding 101: What Does Branding Mean?

At Letter Jacket, we do more than just make great-looking, high-quality envelopes. We also work with organizations like businesses, nonprofits, government offices, schools and everyone else under the sun to help them come up with the ...

Custom Window Envelopes: Stand Out Amongst the Rest

According to a study performed by the New York University School of Law, more than 44 percent of junk mail is thrown away, unopened. Here at Letter Jacket, we know your mail is anything but junk. ...

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