Stay at the Top of Design Trends With these 2016 Hot Colors

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Those outside the design world may not understand the impact that trending colors have. After all, can there really be such a thing as 2016 hot colors or “inventing” a new color? While every color under the sun may have been seen at some point already, it takes a keen eye to pinpoint specific colors that elicit the desired viewer effects. Hollywood has been using specific shades of orange and blue to engage action movie audiences on an emotional level for years now. The Flat UI revolution has become the new normal, strategically utilizing soft yet bold colors to create an immersive experience for website visitors and app users.

Anyone who wants to be at the peak of design trends and master mood in a variety of environments would therefore benefit greatly from studying this year’s trending hues. To help them stay on their toes, here are the hot colors that could define 2016:

Pale Pink

An official Pantone color, 13-1520 “Rose Quartz” was named as one of 2016’s colors of the year. Pantone’s selection seems right on the money, too, considering the color’s appearance on the Grammy Red Carpet and its obvious influences from nature. The color standardization company notes that Rose Quartz is “soothing” and a “persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure.”

From a design standpoint, rose quartz is a risky choice for its low saturation level. Professional designers can nevertheless use it as a fill color or a sumptuous swath like a banner. Contrasting colors can also create more of a sense of space and balance, such as Pantone’s other color of the year 15-3919 “Serenity,” a pale, violet-tinted version of cornflower blue.

Golden Yellow

Buttery, bright and filling, golden yellow hues seem to dance in the light and make features pop. Diamond Vogel refers to the color as 0864 “Lioness,” a mustardy but still rich and bright tint of yellow. Building design — both interior and exterior — has snapped up the golden color to evoke a sense of fun, wonderment and playful drama. Pantone offers a richer and lighter version in their 12-0752 “Buttercup” shade, which they note has been appearing in fashion portfolios like that of U.S. menswear studio David Hart.

Earthy Olive Tones

The famed avocado color of yesteryear — reinvented from its drab ‘70s decor appearances — has taken on new life inspired by the farm-to-table scene. Diamond Vogel refers to their version of the shade as 0795 “Martina Olive,” which manages to capture the muted brown-greens of olive while infusing a rich and bright cheeriness using deep green tints. Benjamin Moore offers a more subdued version in their HC-119 “Kittery Point Green,” a practically-pastel affair inspired by the frigid waters of its namesake historic Maine town.

Farmhouse Red

An immersive and exciting yellow-tinted red color that jumps out at the eyes, this color makes the perfect accent or anchoring scheme color to capture attention. Diamond Vogel’s 1067 “Sweet Baby Rose” and Pantone’s 17-1564 “Fiesta” share similar goals in their desire to speak clearly but in an approachable way.

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