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Many people don’t consider logos when they think about churches, but even for these nonprofit, faith-based organizations, branding is important. We live in an increasingly secular society where people are searching for spirituality and a way back to faith. In order to draw people into your congregation, the first step is to let them know you’re there. The first step in doing this is to create an eye-catching and memorable logo. There are many qualities that go into designing a logo for a church organization, and you may need to turn to experts to create the best one for your faith. Learn about what goes into church logos and branding, and how custom designs, logos and envelopes can help you get your message across.

Church Logos

Logos are an important aspect of any organization, whether it’s a business, community service group or faith-based organization like a church. It’s vital to understand the qualities that go into good church logos so that you can present yourself as timeless, versatile and memorable to your congregation. This logo should be present on all of your communications, from the front of your church itself to the custom envelopes you use to send out missives, bulletins and communications to your groups.

A church logo has to present the core values of your organization—goodness, caring, beauty and serenity—while being memorable and attractive. A logo alone can convince people to take a look at what you have to offer.

On the Building

Many churches put a lot of effort into designing logos for their custom mailings and communications, then forego putting the logo on the building itself. Your logo needs to connect back to you. Make sure that it’s visible where it matters most—right by the front of the building so that those walking and driving by can see it. That way when they also see your communications, they’ll connect them to the church itself.


The first element of your church logo is that it has to be rooted and based in your faith. If you are Christian, it should be Christ-centric. If you are Jewish, it should be rooted in the Laws of Moses, the legacy of David or another aspect of Hebrew tradition. Muslim churches should be rooted in the Quran. It doesn’t matter what your tradition—your logo should speak to it and be centered around it.


Your church has a unique identity that is spoken through its congregation, its teachings, and its morals and values. Even two churches of the same basic faith have differences in their approaches to the teachings of the faith. Your logo needs to be honest and full of integrity. It needs to be genuine, and present the vision and ideals of your church. Embrace the qualities that are unique to your congregation and present those qualities in a creative and memorable manner.

Why do churches need a logo?

Many churches and faith-based organizations brand themselves with a church logo. Some of the benefits include: a quick, viewer-friendly way to recognize a specific faith tradition and/or denomination; signs, documents, and other materials that are organized and attractive; visual expression of goals and values, mission and focus; and embodiment of local color.


It doesn’t matter whether a person visits a church for a few minutes or has been a member of the group for decades, they will have some sort of emotional connection to the place and the group. The logo needs to be memorable and speak to this connection. It can fuel the emotional attachment your attendees have to your services, your values and your approach to faith.

Consistent with Values

This goes right in line with being genuine and memorable. Whatever the values of your church may be, whatever its unique and individual DNA, church logos need to be consistent with those values and in presentation from start to finish. It shouldn’t change from use to use. The logo that appears on the front of your building should be identical to the one that appears on the bulletins and newsletters you print, and is on the front of the custom envelopes you use for your direct mailing efforts. Consistency is key in presenting an image, and your logo is where it all begins.

Attractive and Aesthetically Pleasing

This is not only an important aspect of every logo, but brings all of the other aspects together. Every logo—in order to be memorable, present your values in a digestible fashion, attach to and communicate your faith and individual identity, and be genuine—has to be attractive. The more aesthetically pleasing your logo is, the better off you’ll be.

Designing a Logo

It can be really difficult to come up with a church logo that combines all of the above, but all of these elements are vital to presenting your organization in the best light. People are desperate to find a connection to the spiritual these days, and there are a lot of options out there. As churches struggle to remain solvent, they have to compete for congregational attendance. It’s important to have a logo designed by experts and to apply it to all of your communications in a consistent manner. Put it in an easily visible manner right on the front of the building so that the world can see it, and let it be your identity. When the time comes to send out newsletters and other communications, use the logo in a prominent way.

Make sure that whenever you send out direct mailings, your church logo is right on the front of those mailings, whether they’re flyers, leaflets or envelopes containing requests for donations or any other bit of information you’re trying to get into the world. It can be difficult to create the right logo, which is where specialized services come into play.

Do you think that your organization might need a specialized, beautiful logo that perfectly communicates who you are and in what you believe? If so, why risk an amateur job? It’s always best to have an expert involved in the design process. If you’re looking for an evaluation of your faith-based organization’s logo design, turn to the professionals at Letter Jacket. Not only can we evaluate church logos, but we can provide custom-printed envelopes of all kinds for your communications. Check out the options we offer, and get in touch with us for more information today!

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