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Logos and branding are possibly the single most important aspect of building success for any company. The world is full of logos that are so well known that the moment we see anything similar, we immediately think of that specific company. Consider a pair of yellow arches — you know exactly what business that brings to mind.

One of the most commonly seen and instantly recognizable symbols of a business around today is the bullseye image that denotes Target’s many stores across the nation. If you do things right, your business could be just as notable, and a lot of it comes down to your logo. Take steps in your business to make your branding and logo is just as ubiquitous and instantly recognizable as Target and its well-known bullseye logo.

Your Logo Should Match Your Name

No matter how much you love an image, if it doesn’t somehow become synonymous with your name, it’s probably not the right symbol for your company. In the case of Target, the symbolism is obvious. It’s one of the most perfect cases of branding ever. Before naming their company, Target’s branding team went through over 200 names, eventually deciding that they were out to build a store that would hit the bullseye when it came to the retail experience.

Of course, if you’re naming your store “Target,” what else are you going to use to put that image in people’s minds at an instant glance? The bullseye logo of this store has now become one of the most instantly recognizable symbols in the entire world, recognized by over 95% of everyone who sees it.

Simple and Evocative

The reason that Target’s target logo is so perfect is that it’s simple and evocative. The company doesn’t even need their name on it for people to know what they’re looking at. Your company logo should seek the same kind of basic, instantly-recognizable association. It’s 100% crystal clear what it is.

This isn’t always an easy task — very often there’s no symbol that so perfectly jives with a company’s identity. In such cases, you need to come up with something symbolic that perhaps incorporates the company name as part of the logo. Nobody said you can’t have your name right there, front-and-center. In fact, for many companies that’s a necessity. The key is for it to strike home and be memorable.

Subtlety Can Be Key

Target’s logo, while very evocative, is also subtle and clever. Most targets we see have several rings surrounding a bullseye. Target’s has only one. Even still, we know what it is right away. Consider also, for example, the FedEx logo, which very subtly incorporates an arrow into its design. Many people aren’t even aware it’s there, but it still adds a sense of motion and urgency to the design.

Put It Everywhere

Of course, getting your logo recognizable means exposure. Target won by putting their logo all over the place. You should do the same. Take every opportunity, including your direct mailing efforts, to get your logo in front of your customers.

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