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Can you picture mailing a donation request without an envelope? What about sending an invoice or mailing a paycheck without an envelope? It’s easy to see why envelopes have been around for thousands of years; we have always wanted to keep messages and correspondence safe. The United States’ own history is tied to envelopes. From Civil War correspondence to letters influencing the civil rights movement, letters, and the envelopes used to transport them, have changed American history. It’s no surprise then that we should be patriotic about our envelopes and where they are made. Discover what it means to have made in the USA envelopes.   

The Patriotic History of Envelopes

Letters have changed the course of history, in particular American history. George Washington relied on correspondence to help him win the Revolutionary War. A young woman’s letter to Abraham Lincoln inspired him to grow a beard. During the westward expansion letters connected pioneers to the families they were leaving behind. A letter from a mother to her son, who happened to be a Tennessee House Representative, resulted in the passage of the 19th amendment, allowing women to vote. While in the Birmingham, Alabama jail, Martin Luther King Jr. wrote a letter that influenced the civil rights movement. 

Of course, envelopes have come a long way in all those years. When Benjamin Franklin was appointed postmaster general for the colonies, there were no pre-made envelopes, all the envelopes would have been made by hand and sealed with wax. Later, when letters were delivered by the Pony Express, envelopes needed to be wrapped in oil silk to protect them on their difficult journey. Now we have envelope-making machines that can produce high-quality paper envelopes.  

Why should you order made in the USA envelopes?

Ordering made in the USA envelopes bolsters manufacturing and industry, preserves fair wages, and supports technology and innovation. Buying made in the USA envelopes also supports the US economy, ensures worker safety, and results in a higher quality product.

The Importance of Buying Made in the USA Envelopes

Since the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing has been the fuel that drives the US economy. After World War II it was manufacturing jobs that helped the country’s economic recovery. From factories to assembly lines, the US is the second-largest manufacturer in the world. Today, manufacturing accounts for over ten percent of the US workforce and our economy.  

Keeping a thriving USA manufacturing industry is also essential to future innovation. By providing affordable production opportunities, manufacturing supports scientists, engineers, and technicians as they work to create cutting-edge technologies for the future. Buying made in the USA envelopes supports both manufacturing and innovation. 

There are many benefits to buying products made in the USA. Things like: 

  • Ensuring worker safety- The US has many controls, regulations, and labor standards in place to create safe and fair working conditions. This protects the health and safety of all employees. 
  • Preserving fair wages- The US federal and local governments can ensure that minimum wages are paid and labor laws are followed. When you buy made in the USA products you are supporting regulated wages and helping to create more jobs. 
  • Conserving the environment- US manufacturing processes lean toward cleaner and more renewable practices, while many products produced overseas are manufactured using heavily polluting processes and chemicals. Buying made in the USA products can contribute to a cleaner environment.
  • Delivering higher quality products- The US has consumer protection laws in place to ensure the safety and quality of products made by manufacturers.

Whether you need envelopes for mailers, invoicing, bill pay, marketing materials, or collecting donations, it’s easy to keep your business stocked for all your envelope needs by shopping at Letter Jacket Envelopes. Our made in the USA envelopes are customized exactly to your specifications. You choose your envelope, upload your design or design online, and then your order ships in 5 days or less. We manufacture all of our envelopes in-house, which means that you are ordering a 100% made in the USA product. 

Buying made in the USA Envelopes matters. When you buy from Letter Jacket Envelopes you have our satisfaction guarantee. With over a hundred years of combined experience, we are positive that you will love your envelopes. We do not outsource; our experienced team knows everything there is to know about the manufacturing, application, and customization of high-quality paper envelopes. Discover how our envelope selection and customization tools make it easy to find exactly what you need. Visit our website or chat with an ordering specialist today.  

Key Takeaways

  • Letters, and envelopes, have changed the course of American history.
  • Ordering made in the USA envelopes bolsters manufacturing and industry.
  • Buying made in the USA matters because manufacturing drives the US economy.
  • It’s easy to keep your business stocked for all your envelope needs by shopping at Letter Jacket Envelopes. Our made in the USA envelopes are customized exactly to your specifications.

Satisfaction guaranteed

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