Envelope History

Made in the USA Envelopes

Push the Envelope with Made in the USA Envelopes

Can you picture mailing a donation request without an envelope? What about sending an invoice or mailing a paycheck without an envelope? It’s easy to see why envelopes have been around for thousands of years; we ...

Letters from an Envelope, Pt. 1: Number 10 Envelopes

Call me Number 10. Perhaps you were looking for me, a humble number 10 envelope. Perhaps you found me in the back of a drawer while looking for a blue highlighter. Welcome to my world.  Letters ...
Envelope History

Famous Envelope Mysteries, Part 1!

“Death in the Envelope” sounds like a great BBC special, doesn’t it? If you thought it was just fictional fiancées involved in envelope-related debacles, think again! There are a number of incidents—murder mysteries included—involving the humble ...
Why They Are Called Envelopes | Letter Jacket Envelopes

Why They Are Called Envelopes

To discover why they are called envelopes, we have to travel back to the time before such a thing existed. So, sit back, relax and strap yourself in for a trip in what we call “the ...
Envelopes, Paper, the Digital Divide & The Role They Play

Envelopes, Paper, The Digital Divide

What is the digital divide? And, what role do envelopes and paper play when it comes to the digital divide? The simplest explanation is that the digital divide represents the division between people with and without ...

Why Do We Call Them Security Envelopes?

Would you print your checking account information on the outside of an envelope before you put it in the mail?  What about your social security number? If you use a regular plain white envelope, you may ...

What Has Lead To Custom Envelopes?

When selecting the right custom envelopes, it is beneficial to understand how envelope sizes came about so we will need to take a trip back in time. In the beginning, the very earliest of beginnings, an envelope could be ...

Civil War Envelopes

Over the past few months we’ve taken a look at the long and storied history of the envelope, and how envelopes actually played an important role in the history of nations, our own nation included. The ...

The History of Envelopes Part II: In the Beginning

In our first installment of the History of Envelopes, we discussed a general overview of the development and evolution of the envelope through the ages. The envelope has been a vital part of documentation and communication ...

The History of Envelopes

Of all of the kinds of packaging out there, envelopes may be the most common and instantly recognized. In fact, envelopes have developed, right alongside humankind, with a history just about as long and rich. The ...

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