Why Do We Call Them Security Envelopes?

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Would you print your checking account information on the outside of an envelope before you put it in the mail?  What about your social security number? If you use a regular plain white envelope, you may as well have left your personal information in plain view. However, if you’ve ever noticed envelopes lined with a cross-hatched blue or black ink pattern on the inside; you’re already familiar with something called the security envelope. But why do we call them security envelopes?

What are Security Envelopes?

That cross-hatched design isn’t there just to make the envelope pretty. It prevents the reading of the information inside the envelope without resorting to the use, cost and weight of an extra sheet of paper as a shield. Security envelopes are a special type of envelope designed and manufactured with a built-in security system.   The cross-hatched pattern masks the text and numbers inside the envelope, thereby securing the enclosed information…hence the name security envelopes.

Plain envelopes can provide access to the information inside without showing any external sign of tampering. Fraud, and more specifically mail fraud, comes in many different shapes and forms. Whether it’s identity theft, the theft of your credit card number or your routing and checking account numbers, it has several things in common. It hurts, usually financially. And it’s extremely widespread. But you can make it more difficult for the thieves!  Whether it’s a nosy neighbor, a regular garden variety criminal or an aspiring blackmailer, you can stop them in their tracks by using a simple, effective and readily available deterrent.  The easiest and most cost-effective way of thwarting thieves and preventing mail fraud is the use of security envelopes.

How Do Security Envelopes Differ?

A security envelope differs from a plain envelope because of a pattern printed on the inside. This is usually a cross-hatched blue or black ink pattern that serves to shield the contents of the envelope. Most plain envelopes, when held up to a bright light at an angle, can be somewhat transparent. In a perfect world, this would not be a problem.  But in the world we live in, it is this slight transparency which gives thieves or any unscrupulous person a toehold and the chance to illegally get ahold of personal and sensitive information. For this reason, security envelopes are generally used to protect sensitive information being sent through the mail.   And they are typically used when sending money orders, checks or travelers’ checks. The added security pattern adds an extra layer of security and helps decrease chances that the money will be stolen or tampered with.

An incredible array of documents we come into contact with on a daily basis contain personal and/or sensitive information. These include financial documents, like tax or bank statements, medical records, legal documents, government correspondence and really anything with personally identifying information (PII). A good test of whether the information needs to be protected is whether it has any personally identifying information. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Social security number
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver’s license number
  • Personal health information
  • Financial account information

Businesses, organizations and individuals that respect and value the privacy of the intended mail recipient will always use security envelopes instead of plain envelopes. Understandably, the security envelope is an invaluable tool in the arsenal of any business, organization or individual using the mail system today. It also shows a commitment by that business or individual to the security of their clients, business partners or friends. They also protect themselves by using security envelopes, making it less likely they will be held liable for the loss of personal information in the event of stolen information.

Letter Jackets Choices on Security Envelopes

There are many reasons to use security envelopes and basically no reason not too when sending sensitive information. Letter Jacket offers a choice of security tinted envelopes using either blue or black ink cross-hatching. Protect yourself, your business and your friends and always have a supply of security envelopes at hand. Let Letter Jacket take you and your company to that next level of security.  By using Letter Jacket to create your custom security envelopes, you will be using a product that is both beautiful and professional. Your company’s brand and commitment to security will be reflected by your envelopes, making you and your company stand out among the rest.

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