Business Letters Can Help Your Company Grow

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Made in the United States


Made in the United States

Business Letters Can Help Your Company Grow

Help Your Business Grow with Business Letters

When many people think of old-fashioned business letters, they think of an outdated, passé service that is no longer used by the majority of businesses out there. After all, why bother wasting paper and storage space for office supplies on a slow process that isn’t remotely efficient, when the Internet allows you to send email blasts, create beautiful websites, and hit all the social networks, practically at the same time?

Direct Mail Matters

The truth is, however, that direct mail is still a vital and important part of business communications and marketing. There are times when the lack of security on the Internet outweighs its benefits in speed and efficiency.

Sometimes, documents are important enough to be sent in a physical means. When it comes to marketing, people like to get more than images on a screen—direct mail usually at least gets a glance, where often, email blasts are simply deleted without even being opened.

First Impressions

Your envelope is an important part of your direct mail process. Consider that when a client receives your contract, flyer, circular or other publication, the first thing they see is that envelope.

The importance of this impression cannot be understated. You want the outside of the envelope to be impressive enough that the client or potential client wants to take a look at the contents.

Custom Solutions

That’s where we come in. When it comes to your direct mail business and marketing solutions, Letter Jacket envelopes are the perfect solution. We are the experts on the use, customization, and creation of high quality envelopes, and our products will save your business money.

Letter Jacket envelopes are high quality, custom-printed envelopes that can provide any first impression you like. Our printers have capabilities that go far beyond your typical office printer, allowing for true custom products, and our local storage and manufacturing means that we can ship envelopes at lightning speed.

Whether you need regular #10 envelopes, 9×12, or even unusual sizes like 12 x 15 ½, we can cover you, and the size makes no difference when it comes to customizing. Whatever kind of envelope you need, we can print it to carry any design you like.

Money Saving

When you put all of this together combined with the fact that we ship in true bulk fashion—you can order thousands of envelopes, all customized for your company, from us, and we will turn them around within three days. This allows us to provide major discounts on cost that you won’t find at a typical office store.

Everyone likes to save money, and letter jacket envelopes are ready for any business that needs or wants to use direct mail for document shipping or marketing. Our custom solutions, combined with fast shipping and bulk ordering, make Letter Jacket Envelopes just for business the perfect solution for your needs.

If you are looking for a new envelope vendor, or are exploring direct mail for the first time, we can help. Give us a call!

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