Add-ons That Make Extra Postage Worth it

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We know you’re watching the budget for your office, and an important part of the budget is postage. When you’re ready to save as much as you can, we’ve got tips for you. But here’s the question of the day: how do you decide when to invest a little more in postage? There are times when you want to add an extra “wow” factor to your direct mail. Boosting your ROI is also about knowing when to spend. Here’s a quick guide to some “add-on” options that require a little extra postage but might be worth it.

“Add-ons” that make extra postage worth it

Go bigger



We all keep plenty of the stalwart old #9 and #10 business envelopes around for daily marketing and office tasks: billing, financial reports, regular fundraising efforts, and reaching out to prospects. That’s the best way to be bottom-line frugal. But there are times to go bigger.

Think about it. Your semi-annual ask or quarterly report, for example, probably won’t merit a mailing larger than a standard size. But for your annual report, your targeted ask, or the launch of a new initiative or endowment campaign, you may want to go big. A custom printed 9×12 booklet envelope is going to get more attention in the mailbox than a standard letter size.

It also says you have something special to say. Standard letters tend to denote daily business. Larger envelopes make an impression. And always include your own personal mark to make the most of your investment: logo, font, color schemes, and other appropriate branding and messaging.


If you don’t need an envelope for this campaign, have you ever thought about an oversized postcard? They can make an impact in B2B, B2C, and non-profit marketing. Use color and a strong design to catch attention and stay true to your brand. You can also tell a longer story and offer more information on an oversized postcard.

Also, keep in mind what people do with postcards versus letters. They’re perfect for keeping quick-reference information on a side table or the fridge. So especially when you want to provide information to be filed or retained—such as a coupon, a calendar, or a series of important dates—an oversized postcard might be just the thing.


Add weight



Who doesn’t love a good old self-addressed, stamped envelope? Response slips and their envelopes are one of those evergreen, old-fashioned investments that pay off, typically for fundraising and RSVPs. That’s because, even with wide availability of online giving and RSVPs, it’s a wise practice to give people multichannel options for responding to a request. It’s polite, but also practical. More analog options give you more impact. This is especially true if the event or campaign is unusual, important, or urgent, or if you want to stay high-touch with a particular constituency.


If you’re a business and you haven’t yet tried your hand at a catalog, think about it. They cost money to produce and are more expensive to send than a letter or postcard, but they fill a totally unique marketing niche. People still love catalogs, and use them for leisurely shopping, and dreaming about what they could buy, not just searching for what they already know they need. They can also see your products in context. There’s a revival of catalogs among successful companies who also have online stores because they know how to leverage paper options.

Church materials

If you’re a church, it’s not very likely you need a catalog. But you may want to let parents know about a year’s worth of student programming, produce a prayer book for distribution, or send sample curricula. It may also be worthwhile to consider reviving the church directory. In a world of information privacy and protection, it may be a community building venture! There are many ways to leverage heavier mail pieces for communication and community-building.


Throw in a surprise


Odd sizes

Bigger isn’t always better. If your goal is to catch attention or make clients or congregants feel appreciated, sometimes just a subtle shift in shape will do the trick. When sending an invitation or a holiday greeting card, for example, a square envelope will cost you a little extra postage but adds a special touch and makes your message stand out.

Special weave paper

Sometimes this adds extra postage to your mailer if the weight of the paper is heavy enough. But not always! So check out your options. Heavier, thicker, and more knobbly weaves are great options for fancy occasions, once-a-year campaigns, special invitations, or a more natural or artsy feel. (A very simple, inexpensive option is a subtle cotton blend.) We receive messages through our fingers as well as our eyes, and so any change or differentiation in texture makes a reader take note.


Here are a couple more “extras” that don’t require extra postage but do add convenience and value!


Self-seal envelopes

Sending holiday greetings, personal letters, or a small-batch mail-out can be a drag when preparing them by hand, especially when you have to spend your time moistening envelope flaps. First-world problem, but your admins know what we’re talking about! To save time and a little frustration, self-seal is a simple solution. Simply peel off the paper strip, press down, and you’re good to go.

Custom printing

Oh, how we could go on about this one! Custom printing is one of our favorite things to do at Letter Jacket because we see how it makes a difference in direct mail and adds to the value of your company. When you’re ready to talk to someone about customizing, packaging, budgeting, and sending your mail, we’re here. Just send us a message or visit our website for a chat.

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