At Letter Jacket Envelopes, We Recycle All Of Our Waste

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Hi, I'm Karen! I've been in the industry for 21 years and can't wait to share my perspective on all things direct mail. I'm currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Letter Jacket Envelopes and deal with tasks from managing the website, facilitating conversations with customers, and much more!

Here at Letter Jacket, we recycle and care about the earth almost as much as we care about our clients or the envelopes we sell. To help us cut down on our carbon footprint and the amount we put into landfills, we take great care to use eco-conscious practices in the way we conduct business.

In-House Manufacturing

One of the biggest ways we cut down on waste and emissions is by making all of our products in-house. Only the raw materials get shipped in and the finished products get shipped out.

This unique feature of our business cuts down on travel and packaging for our products. We do not simply box up blank envelopes and ship them to a printer, only to have them shipped back to us before we ship them to you. Every time we used the word “ship” in that last sentence, just imagine a truck driving a tiny box of envelopes down the highway, blasting black plumes of sulfur and diesel gas.

Instead, we have huge bulk orders of raw paper brought into us. The only products that leave our building are your finished, completely-printed envelopes, making everything efficient and more earth-friendly.

Made-to-Order Customer Care

Another significant component of our custom manufacturing business is that we make every batch of envelopes according to an order. With most big printers or office retailers, the envelopes get made before anyone has asked for them. They get shipped to a warehouse or a back room and no one touches them for months.

This practice is inherently wasteful. Worse, it invites problems like water damage, misplacement or unraveled packaging. Something as simple as a box falling off a shelf in a storage room can cause someone to throw away thousands of envelopes for no good reason at all.

With Letter Jacket’s made-to-order services, every single envelope has an owner that wants it. We try to ensure that all of our envelopes have a home before we make them, so there are no “orphans” and nothing gets thrown in the trash.

We Recycle Scrap

Our biggest efforts are our recycling collections. During manufacturing, we often have trimmed pieces of raw paper as a result of the fabrication process. These tiny slips of paper could be a nuisance to many, who would rather dump them quickly than give them the chance to litter their factory.

At Letter Jacket, we collect every last scrap and place them in a recycling receptacle. Every year we recycle over 2,000 tons of paper and window film scrap that would otherwise be considered waste. This paper is a high quality product that can be pulped and reformed into any number of new products, including:


Corrugated cardboard
Notebook paper
Heavy-duty paper furniture, including storage boxes and even hard surface countertops

We are also making efforts to use more recycled materials of our own. In this way, Letter Jacket gives back to the planet and makes sure we are not taking too much in return.

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