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We know you run a busy office. Some days you enjoy breaks from the screen-world and need to talk to human beings. But other days it’s time to buckle down and get things done, stat. Those are the days when running an errand with one quick click is more appealing than picking up the phone. Don’t get us wrong — we love to hear your voice. But if you want to make stocking your office supplies a little easier, sign up for our online Reorder program. Here’s how it works:

Saving Time on Office Supplies

Simply go to our homepage and scroll down or click here to login to the Reorder page. If you have an account with us, you can login using your email address and password. Or, if you need to create an account with us for the first time, simple! Type your name, email, a password, and voilà!


In your Reorder account, you can create new orders, view past orders, and order again with one click. You can order anything in stock, including custom envelopes, and upload new design specs and artwork at any time.


We hardly have to tell you how this saves you valuable time throughout the year. It also saves you the trouble of trying to remember what you ordered last time, and simply lets you trust your past ordering wisdom to get the job done. Using our Reorder option saves you resources as well. If you plan it right, you can line up all your envelope needs for a given fiscal or calendar year, set up the kinds of orders you’ll need, and simply do your reordering a few times a year. This prevents double ordering, because you know when you’ve bought what, and planning ahead will keep you from over or under ordering, because you’re keeping track of your amounts online.  


If you need to change quantities of an envelope at any time, you can do that from your Reorder account too. It puts you on target for what you need, keeps your budget and supply cabinet on track, and lets you get back to the more important stuff.


In fact, you might want to consider setting up an office supply calendar to cover all of your office supply needs from month to month, and set up other reordering options with the companies where you get your copy paper, pens, office snacks, etc. It may be a little extra work in the beginning, but if other office supply companies’ reordering processes are as simple as ours, it will be worth it.


Office Supply Calendar

Never made an office supply calendar before? If you want to think about it, here’s our ten cents’ worth on a place to start. Try composing an office supply calendar based on:


  • Daily, weekly, and monthly regular use
  • Campaign (especially direct mail) schedules
  • Event schedules
  • Holidays
  • Billing cycles
  • Tax season
  • Giving/campaign seasons


Your envelope needs will change as your organization grows, and as you discover where it’s best to invest on those little extras, and where you want to be more frugal. When you need a fresh design, a change in quantities, or a whole new set of orders, you can do it all from your online account. And if you ever need us to consult with you on what you might need next, that’s what we’re here for. Just give us a call.


So you’ve heard our pitch. You’re intrigued with the idea. But deep down you still prefer a phone call with a person over an interaction with the web service. Sometimes, if you’re frazzled or busy, it just feels safer to speak to a human than to risk a wrestling match with technology. We hope it puts your mind at rest when we say that our online Reorder process is super simple. But if you’re still not sure you’re into it, just know that what you do online, you can always do with a phone call, too. And if you set up Reorder and at any time would rather speak to a person, because you have a question, or maybe because you’re just in the mood, pick up the phone! We love to hear from you.


We want you to have all the facts, so here are the only two things you can’t do with online Reorder: you can’t add or subtract new items to a past order (you can add or subtract quantities), and you won’t find the secret to world peace. To add whole new items, simply create a new order, and you’re good to go. As to world peace, we’re still working on that one. But we think that providing great service and keeping beautiful paper in people’s hands — it’s a pretty decent place to start.


If you have questions about our Reorder service for envelopes, need design advice, or want help building the perfect envelope from the ground up, give us a call or start a chat on our homepage. And if you’re ready to try out online Reorder, click here to login and get started. We think you’re going to love it.

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