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The New Year may have just hit, but there is no time like the present when it comes to preparing for tax season. Before you know it, thousands of people will be requesting assistance preparing and using tax envelopes to file their tax returns in addition to all of the other paperwork needed to wrap up the year.

As the first trickles of this flood start to appear, accountants, tax firms and other related businesses can get ahead of the game by ordering their own branded envelopes for sending tax documents. Here at Letter Jacket, we are proud to offer some of our best-selling products to these firms complete with high-quality custom art. Our custom-branded envelopes help firms solidify their communication of brand values and provide a unique branded experience to clients.

If you are preparing for tax season rush ahead, do not miss out on these tax envelope top sellers:

9 x 12 Legal Envelopes


Large enough to fit unfolded, official legal-sized documents, these envelopes naturally come in handy during tax season. They can accommodate many long-form tax documents without any creases, such as the individual tax return form 1040. These envelopes can be useful for lengthy typed correspondence that details laundry lists of deductions or other considerations.

10 x 13 Catalog and Booklet Envelopes


Catalog or booklet style envelopes are perfect for sending large packets of information to clients. Most commonly, they can be used to send out the final version of the tax return to the customer so that he or she can pore through its contents on paper rather than in a lengthy pdf file.

When using 10 x 13 sized envelopes, you do not have to worry as much about size considerations. A stack of 20 or more 8 1/2 x 11 or even legal size 9 x 12 documents can easily fit since there is still room to pack them without folding. The wide opening makes stuffing envelopes simple, too. Additionally, there are far less size or weight limitations compared to a standard #9 or #10 envelope, where a few papers folded into thirds can quickly make the envelope overstuffed.

Security Print Window #10 Envelopes


While standard-sized #10 envelopes cannot be used to send a large ream of tax documents, they are perfect for client correspondence. Accompanied with smaller remittance forms, they can serve as a way to receive checks from customers who insist on paying the old-fashioned way. A #10 envelope can also send out standard correspondence to confirm the filing of the documents or to announce your services again come tax time.

Branding and Custom Art — Tax Envelopes with the Letter Jacket Difference


No matter which envelopes you stock up on this tax season, make sure that your brand’s logo is a prominent fixture on all of them. Custom-printed envelopes can be a powerful branding mechanism that helps you and your business come across as more professional than you would using plain, unbranded envelopes. Branded accounting firm envelopes are especially important since the industry relies so heavily on direct mail programs.

Let Letter Jacket be your branding and business ally as you get through tax season in style and grace. Take a look at our envelopes to get started stocking up in time for the rush.

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