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Branded coin envelopes are being used more and more as a frugal and eye-catching alternative to larger envelopes and more expensive retail packaging. Who’s using them? And for what? And how does branding coin envelopes boost your ROI?

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Who uses coin envelopes?

Anyone with an office or a business, frankly! Here are just a few examples:

  • Banks (but of course)
  • Churches
  • Real estate
  • Youth & children’s programs
  • Education
  • Craft & hobby shops
  • Antique & thrift stores
  • Clothing retail
  • Auto shops
  • Gardening & plant nurseries
  • Home business
  • Food retail (tea, herbs, supplements, etc.)

What are they handy for?

Cash and coins

This one seems like a no-brainer. But because so many transactions happen with a card or a keyboard, when people do carry cash, it’s often for a special occasion. And a special occasion is a perfect time and place to show off your brand. Also great for checks and receipts.

Sending small items

Coins and cash are only standard coin envelope fare. Many businesses get creative and find coin envelopes a frugal option for sorting, packaging, mailing, and selling many kinds of small items. Stamps, clips, tickets, tokens, nametags, and labels. Seeds and other dry organic material. Buttons, thread, pins, and needles. Beads and jewels. Selling or sending. Sorting or finding.

Storing stuff you don’t want to lose

If you want to keep items safe and retrieve them quickly, coin envelopes can be a good solution. They’re especially ideal for real estate, auto, hospitality, or any business that has to be careful with keys.

Organizing your selling space

Anything that can get easily jumbled is easy to organize with coin envelopes. Whether for your own sanity or a customer’s, they’re a great tool to keep things tidy. Whether to the bank window or a trade show, they’re a handy way to bring things with you. And they’re perfect for passing things out

Invitations and reminders

Custom coin envelopes are a frugal way to package notes, small cards, invitations, and appointment reminders.

How can they help ROI?

Customers feel secure.

Custom envelopes are official. Professional. Especially when you’re dealing with customers’ money, that first impression is vital! Holiday fundraiser? Garage sale? Product packaging? A sharp, slick customer envelope is a cost-effective way to signal to clients that you’re no penny-ante operation. Their money is safe.

Customers get something.

Associate your brand with receiving. Whether it’s handing out freebies at an event, receiving a packet or purchases, or taking out cash at the bank, a coin envelope is a perfect size for putting a product or gift into a customer’s hand.

Customers keep their stuff.

How can you make it as easy as possible for customers to keep take-aways safe, all the way home? Garage sale cash. Bank deposits. Organizing the office. Taking away small giveaways at a conference. This is about organization and about thinking ahead. 

Customers remember your name.

We all know the power of a brand name combined with an everyday action. We blow our nose for a few years, and now we casually call any tissue a “Kleenex.” In the UK, to vacuum clean is to “hoover.” Dawn. IKEA. Nikes. Giveaways go home! Give something away, send it into the everyday space of your customers (purse, car, office, etc.), and your business is becoming part of their life.


Coin envelopes are freaking’ adorable.

Coin envelopes give a distinctively “gifty” feel. They’re tidy, secure, fit in the palm of the hand, and give you the opportunity to be really creative with customization on a small space.

There are a few different sizes of coin envelopes out there. We keep a #7 coin in stock all the time, and can cut and print to order any size you like — for a great price!

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