Use Custom Printed Legal Envelopes to Brand Your Law Firm

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In a business environment where many law firms are shackled by an apparent sameness, branding has become more important than ever. Practices must seek out ways to emphasize that they have a unique value to offer clients. Branding in this way becomes an integral method of growing the recognition for your firm and your client base at the same time.

Once you have settled on your personalized message and promise to your clients, you should seek out branding opportunities wherever they may be found. Targeted advertising campaigns, digital marketing and direct mail marketing can all be used to reinforce branding and spread the reputation and exposures for your firm across multiple venues.

Forging Your Brand With legal Envelopes

When your firm begins to consider branding options, they should evaluate what their imagery and language communicates to clients. Everything from the typeface and color used on your business cards to your outgoing message should communicate a consistent idea.
Branding should serve as your promise to clients to uphold the distinctive values that make your firm different. That promise should be concise but meaningful. Your firm should be able to summarize it to clients in a short sentence, and it should resonate with the business culture of your staff and the way they interact with clients. Whether you want your approach to seem adaptive and innovative or calculated and traditional, the message should be clearly relayed through all platforms.
Internally, the branding should also take hold of the way your team approaches business. Every member must be able to evangelize the values and methods your brand has that make your firm different. With every team member on board, the message can be heard louder, more clearly and more memorably since it will be reinforced by every staff member a client talks to.

Branding Through Direct Mail

A firm that is using multiple lead generation methods should use the most relevant branding approach to reach out to targeted markets. Direct mail can be an excellent opportunity to capture potential client leads that only passively intake ad exposures from billboards or digital platforms. If that same potential client receives a branded letter, they will have a clearer idea that the value proposition your firm offers can apply directly to them.
Take advantage of this opportunity by using the envelope itself to reinforce branding. A conservative approach would be to customize the envelope to look like a version of your business card, with a clear letterhead and your unique color scheme.
You could also use images and copy to broadcast a consistent message with your other advertising venues. For instance, a business law specialist may have a billboard with the lawyer sitting in front of a boardroom meeting and smiling. A similar image mixed with targeted copy printed right on the envelope can recall the billboard campaign while at the same time reaching out to clients with a unique and custom-tailored offer for their needs.
Custom envelopes can have quite an impact when used in this way. To learn more about the custom envelope printing process and find products that meet your direct marketing campaign’s needs, please visit our products page.

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