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Branding is not just for businesses anymore. With so many avenues to access your ministry’s message through social media, news sites, other online venues and even tithing envelopes, a brand is a potent tool in getting the recognition and attention your organization deserves.

Now more than ever, tithing has become a crucial component for churches to get the continued support they need. Ministry programs have become no less important in an era rife with competition from distractions and instant gratification.

Custom envelopes can help send the message you want and get the recognition you deserve in order to help perpetuate your donation pool. Church visitors that see the branded envelopes in their pew may have a greater likelihood of taking notice and giving to a cause they care about. Stand out in a sea of noise with the one message that truly deserves people’s attention.

Why Branding Matters for Churches and Ministry Organizations
A brand is the distillation of two things: the message your organization wants to send to people and the emotional connection you want them to respond with. For-profit businesses use branding to communicate things like value, expertise, excitement or sophistication. Non-profit organizations use similar tactics to elicit ideas of love, compassion, caring for your fellow man and remembering the causes that are important.

A church or religious group should use this strategy to cut to the core of what they want people to know. Your group likely wants to provide care for the needy and give guidance to those who feel lost. When you preach your message or work for causes to help these groups, your “brand” is formed at the same time. People remember what you have done and what you have said, and branding becomes shorthand for what you stand for.

For instance, every church or ministry group has a name. Even though everyone is part of the same flock, a name calls certain people to a cause based on the values they hold the closest or feel the strongest about. One group may feel the need to spread the Word of the Gospel to people who have never heard it, whereas another group may want to help those in dire circumstances regardless of whether or not they will come closer to spiritual awareness afterward.

However your church sees itself working best is a large component of your brand. Any time you say the church’s name, use a repeated slogan or even print the church’s logo, you are calling up these associations and reminding followers how they and you together make a difference in others’ lives.

Custom Tithing Envelopes and Branding
When mailing out tithing envelopes or leaving them for easy access in pews, your message can only be understood as the sum of its parts. The words you say and the appearance your message takes on are of equal importance.

Put a different way, a professional or dignified envelope design can help spread the intent of your message as effectively as the words itself. Your organization works hard to be taken seriously and to communicate the importance of your cause to anyone who will listen. Work with, not against, those efforts by presenting your tithing requests in just as serious a manner.

Letter Jacket custom envelopes can be printed with rich colors and elegant copy without seeming too decadent or lavish. The right color and the right design can have as much of an impact on someone as the request itself, so give your followers an extra reason to give back your envelope with more than what came in it. Their contribution will help your ministry survive and continue making a difference in the world day by day. To learn more about Letter Jacket’s custom printing options, take a look at our tithing envelopes or the rest of our products.

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