Custom Window Envelopes: Stand Out Amongst the Rest

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According to a study performed by the New York University School of Law, more than 44 percent of junk mail is thrown away, unopened. Here at Letter Jacket, we know your mail is anything but junk. In fact, your mail could be of the upmost importance, which is why you should have custom envelopes made in order to help your mail stand out in a stack of plain envelopes. By investing in custom window envelopes, you could prevent your important letters from being mistaken for junk mail and unintentionally thrown out.

Custom Windows

To improve efficiency and create a professional look, many companies opt for an envelope that has a window, which displays the recipient’s address information. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses that produce “junk mail” use this same tactic on their envelopes.

In order to stand out in a pile of mail full of junk, try choosing an envelope that has a custom window. You will still be able to display the customer’s address in a professional manner, but your envelope will look different from the others, drawing the attention of the recipient.

Of course, if you want to use a standard window, we offer that too. However, we would suggest putting a custom print on your window envelopes. One that displays your company’s brand, creativity and professional personality.


Branding and Custom Prints

Instead of simply posting your company’s name in plain ink on the front of the envelope, you could create a text with different fonts and colors. Consider what fonts and colors look good with your brand and the image that your company wants to display. If you have artwork for your company, like a logo, you can upload that onto our custom envelope maker.

Through our website, with our custom envelope making tools, you will be able to view the final product before you make a purchase. This way, when you receive your custom window envelopes, there will be no surprises, and you will love the results.

By having the freedom to choose the text and artwork that goes on your envelopes, you can cater towards the tastes of your clientele. It is possible that the recipients of your mail will appreciate the effort you put into creating a custom window envelope, as the quality of the smaller details in a company are what matter most to a customer.


On Important Content

As previously mentioned, it is likely that your mail contains important content that the recipient needs to see. By creating a custom window envelope with a professional style that matches the importance of your letter’s content, it is less likely your mail would be mistaken for and thrown away, unopened.

By using Letter Jacket to create your custom window envelops, you will be delivered with a product that is both beautiful and professional. Your company’s brand and creativity will be reflected by your envelopes, making you and your company stand out among the rest, thus ensuring the customers’ interest in the content of your mail. Visit our custom window envelope products page today, so you can begin designing your custom, printed window envelops.

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