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Hi, I'm Karen! I've been in the industry for 18 years and can't wait to share my perspective on all things direct mail. I'm currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Letter Jacket Envelopes and deal with tasks from managing the website, facilitating conversations with customers, and much more!

Business branding is indescribably important for forging relationships with potential customers. Logos are a key component of this strategy.

Organizations should always carefully deliberate regarding the message they choose to send to the public in the form of brand image. Once they settle on a way to represent the company, they should reinforce these ideas in all published media, content and other branded materials. This time-tested approach has countless positive benefits for your business.

Why Is Branding So Important?

Back when few companies were multinational conglomerates, most businesses were run by local owners. Several business owners in a large city like Boston could have almost identical products and services.

The shop owners would have unique approaches to how they served their customers. One may have emphasized exemplary service, recommendations, special ordering and excellent follow-through. Another may have done away with all of these frills in favor of much lower prices and a sense that consumers drive their own purchase experience. Both of these approaches would work, but for very different reasons.

Fast forward to the present where the vast majority of businesses are far from local. Most customers will never get a chance to personally meet the founding members and CEOs of the businesses they give money to, no matter how small the business may be.

In lieu of these face-to-face interactions, companies realized early on in the 20th century that they would have to be careful about the “personality” they projected to the public. This image helped people understand their values and approach to business.

Branding and marketing grew out of a need to forge connections with consumers in ways that let them know what came along with their simple choice to purchase a good or service. This “added value” makes a brand distinct from its competitors. It helps narrow choices for consumers based on the type of service they expect.

Logos as Brand Ambassadors

In addition to branding becoming associated with a name, companies realized that a graphic logo could allow customers to quickly recall all of the information they know about a company. These logos are easy to identify and easier to remember than some brand names. They also serve as a shorthand for expressing the values that a specific brand wants to conjure up. In short, logos are “brand ambassadors.” They represent many packed-in associations in a very small image.

No Branding Means No Personality

The ideas of branding and using logos have become integral to the business world. Thousands of companies or more may compete for the exact same market share. They must vigorously pursue an idea that defines their company and helps steer consumer expectation.

Ignoring these principles can be worse than having a negative perception; your customer will have no perception about your products or company. You will be a blank slate for them to project their own assumptions on or to simply pass you by.

If your business has taken the time to forge a branding concept and accompanying logo, use it. Do not waste all of the hard-earned money you spent to create materials only to let opportunities fall by the wayside.

Branding for Direct Mailing

Because of this necessity, remember to use your logo and any other vital branding materials on everything your company sends out, especially direct mail. A piece of mail is like a messenger; having your logo represented on the the envelope begins a conversation before the recipient tears open the paper.

Well-branded envelopes say “We are professional. We stand behind our products. We think what we have to say in this message is important, and it will reinforce the values that come packed in this logo.”

Best of all, custom printed envelopes can cost almost the same as blank ones when you order through a business like Letter Jacket. Our wide range of products can all be emblazoned with your designs and copy for a fraction of a penny apiece. Using logos and branding materials in this way is not just a great value, it is putting money you have already spent to good use. Take a look at our products page to learn more.

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