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Welcome to the third in our series on successful direct mail marketing articles! In our past entries we’ve done introductions and explored the basics of a successful direct mailing campaign. In this article, we will be looking at a number of best practices to ensure that your direct mailings have maximum impact with your clientele and even work to bring in new leads that you can turn into repeat customers. Read about direct mailing best practices and approaches, examples of success and how you can better leverage your own direct mail marketing campaign to achieve success.

Direct Mailing Best Practices and Success

Many online retailers are turning towards direct mail to enhance their overall business and success, and are adopting a list of direct mailing best practices to improve their approach. Among the examples of successful internet companies that are experiencing success with traditional direct mail are Wayfair, Hayneedle and HelloFresh, among others.

These retailers and others have mailed hundreds of thousands of coupons, special offers and other traditional mail advertisements to potential customers all over the nation. An investment of a few thousand dollars can net thousands of new customers and hundreds of thousands in new revenue, and returns of over 50 times the dollar investment. Direct mail isn’t just a new fad, it’s a proven traditional method of sales that should not be overlooked by any retailer looking to generate success. But to achieve this success, you need to do it right.

Engage in Targeted Marketing

The first thing you need to do, in order to kick off your direct mail marketing campaign, is to identify your customer base and target that list. Most companies already have a mailing list of high-value potential clients that they target with digital and electronic communications. Many of the same approaches you use for email marketing can be applied to a direct mail campaign as well.

Identify the customers on that list that you feel are the most likely to come back, and target that list. As you target that list, identify demographics those customers have in common, and target those demographics to further grow your list.

Benefits Bring Customers

Focus your direct mailing on what the customer will get out of going with your product or service. Don’t just talk about how great you are; talk about what you’re going to give them. Show them some direct advantage of going with your product or service.

Probably the best way to do this is to include coupons and special offers with each direct mail. The more direct, tangible benefits you offer to your customers, the more successful your direct market campaign will be.

Personalize Your Mailings

We talk a lot about how important it is to personalize mailings, and for good reason. The more personal your efforts are, the more successful they’ll be. It’s as simple as that. Use techniques such as predictive modeling, response rate tracking and continuous contacting and updating to keep your list fresh, evolving and complete. That way you will have the details you need to effectively personalize your efforts. Keep track of your best customers and reach out to them to let them know how much you appreciate their patronage. People appreciate being noticed, and that translates directly into more sales for you.

Options, Options, Options

Provide multiple ways for your clients to take advantage of the special offers you’re sending them. Do you have a retail store? They should be able to stop in and use the coupon or offer face-to-face. Internet sales? They should be able to leverage the same deal online. If you have a phone line that they can call to place orders, a method should be in place for that as well. The best way to grow your business is to present a wealth of means by which your customers can get hold of you and make a purchase.

Remember, direct mail marketing is a part of your strategy, not the whole thing. The same way that not everyone appreciates physical mail, there are still a great many people in our own nation who don’t have regular, reliable internet access. These people are potential customers just as much as those who surf the web daily. Options allow them to transition from potential to real customers.

A Call to Action

Calls to action are a vital part of any marketing, from social media posts to blogging to newsletters to direct mail advertisements. If you do not include a call to action in your direct mailing, you’re missing out on one of the most important key elements of your marketing strategy. Every mail you send must include one or more calls for the customer to take advantage of your goods or services, or at least to contact you for more information.

Communicate Your Brand

Your brand is your company. It is what people know about you. It’s your reputation. It is the logo your company has that sticks in the minds of your customers. It’s a slogan they mutter or sing to themselves when they’re not thinking about it. Every message you send should communicate your brand, your culture and your image. One of the best ways to do this is to use a custom-printed direct mail envelope.

Direct mail envelopes, if properly designed and implemented, will draw immediate attention to your mail. They’ll ensure that the mailing doesn’t end up tossed unopened on the dining room table, but that people are curious to see what’s inside. Be creative, and make sure that your company logo and slogan is clearly visible and integrated into the design of the envelope.

As you look at direct mailing best practices for your company, consider the ways you can communicate what’s best about your company. It starts with the right envelope. Take some time to review the various options we have available, and contact us for more information today!

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