Getting Your Invoices Paid Faster

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When it comes to direct mail services, late payments from your clients can be frustrating. How do you handle clients who do not pay on time? Having clients who do not render timely payment can be not only an exercise in frustration, it can have a directly negative effect on your business.

Getting Your Invoices Paid

Many times, the reason clients do not pay is that invoices from businesses become a low priority. This happens because overdue bills from utility companies and credit card companies get reported to credit agencies, while many small businesses have neither the time nor the resources to take the time to report the client’s debt.

Make Your Policies Clear

The first thing you need to do is be clear about your invoicing and payment policies up front. When you first discuss your services with your client, tell them (and put in writing) your procedures and expectations for payment. Cover any questions they might have up front, and there will be no confusion when billing time comes.

Keep All the Details

Make sure that you have your client’s name, address and their billing information. Your client may not actually be the one paying the bill, so having contact information for the person who handles your account is important.

You will want to ensure that your client also has all of your details, including name, address, and phone and email contacts.

Offer Multiple Payment Methods

The more payment methods you accept, the more likely you will be to get payment. Convenience is important to clients; if you take cash, checks, money orders and as many different forms of credit as possible, you will be in good shape. Accepting online payment methods like PayPal can also be helpful.

If you can, take a deposit up front. Any time your client offers payment, let them pay. The more convenient you make it for them, the better off you will be.

Get Noticed

Invoices get overlooked and lost. Your best practice is not only to send both physical and email invoices, but to make sure your physical invoice is seen and noticeable. The best way to do this is to use a custom envelope.

If your invoice looks like a greeting card, for example, it will be more likely to get opened than if it is in a plain white envelope. At LetterJacket, we can work with you to create the perfect custom envelope to be certain your invoice is noticed and not lost in the shuffle.

Finally, after you send the invoice, follow up with the client daily. This will keep your invoice on their radar and make sure you get your money.

Getting invoices paid in a timely fashion can be a tricky prospect, but if you follow some best practices, you can take a lot of the frustration out of the effort. If you have any questions about how to use custom envelopes to get your invoice noticed, drop us a line. We can help!

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