Why Does Made in the USA Really Matter?

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Over the past ten years or so, the United States has become more far-reaching in terms of our global presence and sense of responsibility. We have become more insular in terms of our own sense of patriotism and why it matters to support American jobs and business.

The Importance of Made in the USA

“Made in the USA” has become a symbol of pride and support for millions of people. Many might question whether “ Made in the USA ” really matters, given our increasingly global marketplace. After all, many companies owned by foreign entities still have manufacturing plants located in the United States. Even if its definition is changing, made in the USA still matters, and here is why.

Manufacturing and Industry

The American economy is built upon manufacturing. Since the Industrial Revolution, the United States has been a leader on the world stage in terms of manufacturing. For generations, our country’s strength has resided in the factories and assembly lines, as well as in the labor force that supports these efforts. Even today, manufacturing accounts for over ten percent of both our economy and workforce.

Jobs and Workforce

In a difficult economy, manufacturing jobs mean strong, middle-class employment, vital to a country struggling with a dwindling middle class. Working in factories or other manufacturing jobs means opportunity; a way for hard-working, dedicated people of all social standings to get ahead.

Manufacturing jobs can form the base for good, highly paid careers. Workers who start with low-skilled positions can transition into well paid jobs as they acquire high demand skills. This sort of employment can be just as valuable as traditional education.

There are support jobs involved with products that are made in the USA. These roles include bankers, lawyers, accountants and consultants involved with companies who manufacture these products. The impact of the workforce in manufacturing goes far beyond skilled labor.

Technology and Innovation

Manufacturing is at the heart of entrepreneurship and innovation. As products continue to be made and innovated in the United States, the country is able to maintain leadership on the global stage.

While other countries may offer less costly labor and methods, the cost in the long-term is great. Leadership and service jobs exit the country, leaving us crippled in terms of unemployment rates and lost opportunities. If we lose these jobs, our economy will only suffer. The United States economy, along with a number of other world powers, is tied to the world economy.

Buy American

When you are thinking about supplying your business, look to American-manufactured products like Letter Jacket custom envelopes. At Letter Jacket, we manufacture all of our envelopes in-house. This means you are getting a 100% American product, customized exactly to your specifications. Our innovative processes are both conceived and carried out by our team. We do not outsource; we can deliver what you want with a faster turnaround time than you would get from a foreign vendor.

In today’s economic client, Made in the USA matters. With Letter Jacket, you can be assured that the product you are getting is American made and customized to your exact needs. In your direct marketing campaign, you cannot afford any less than the best!

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