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Hi, I'm Karen! I've been in the industry for 18 years and can't wait to share my perspective on all things direct mail. I'm currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Letter Jacket Envelopes and deal with tasks from managing the website, facilitating conversations with customers, and much more!

You may not think that in a digital world, it’s easy to make a direct mail marketing campaign stand out. But the most cutting-edge research shows that direct mail is still vital to seeing a good campaign thrive.

And the truth is, direct mail already stands out. It doesn’t come pre-loaded with anxiety-inducing distractions. It’s physical, limited, interesting and even relaxing to peruse, and a refreshing change from digital campaigns. But even if your mailbox isn’t as full as your inbox, direct mail still has to compete with other direct mail. So how do you give yours the edge?

Make your savvy stand out

If envelopes and stamps still have game, digital marketing is not their rival, but their best teammate. And the savviest direct mail campaigns not only partner with digital marketing but interface with it.

First, make it clear to your reader how to get in touch with you online. Make your website and customer rep email easy to find on paper. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram presence, make these handles sleek, simple, and easy to find as well. Consider printing this information all together in a different color text, like blue, which is already the color of a hyperlink. This alerts a reader to your online presence and savvy.

Next get your campaign smartphone interactive. With 80 percent of American households connected this way, and a smartphone probably somewhere near at hand while your reader is grazing through the mail, make the most of it. Including a tasteful QR code on the page is one of the fastest ways to directly connect your paper to your digital presence. They can scan this code and find special deals, customized offers, and an easy way to download your app. Not only is this convenient, your reader will appreciate the cool factor.

But you still have to consider: Why would your reader want to jump over to your digital presence?  What will they find there to lead them further toward becoming a client? And when they arrive, is it worth it? Do you have a catalog? Are there online coupons or discounts only your reader will have access to? Create a digital bridge with your paper campaign, and give readers a reason to cross it. You may want to consider giving your website and social media a fresh update or at least doing some good housekeeping. Then your direct mail marketing campaign will really stand out, by partnering in a meaningful way with the digital world.

Make your envelope stand out (but not in a bad way)

When mail was first born, paper was precious. The key today, as then, is the investment. You’re asking, “How do I want to form a relationship with my reader?” Not simply, “How can I grab attention the fastest?” Chances are, your best customers and potential customers already feel bummed about spam. With your help and the right first impression, they’ll never feel that way about the mailbox.

So how do you gain follow-through and loyalty with a mere envelope?

First, find your “carrot,” the immediate reward of partnering with you. This carrot should then draw a reader into the bigger story of your organization. Are you offering a creative way to consolidate student loan debt? Are you introducing your politics and religion magazine to a new generation? That’s the story. Now, what’s the carrot? No interest for the first nine months? Or how about the first two years if your client works for a non-profit? Do new online subscribers get the first two issues free? The envelope should give a taste of both the message you want to share and the kind of relationship you want to build, as well as the reward you’re offering in the short-term.

Next, prune excess. Unless your client should be aware that a bill is due, or a response is urgently needed, nix any threats or countdowns. “Your best deal is about to expire!!” is visual white noise, unless your client already trusts you. And don’t overload with large red font (unless it’s Christmas) or exclamation points (unless you are actually that excited). You have a unique service or product to offer, but your audience is savvier than ever to sales tactics. They want to know you have something to say, and not just something to sell.

Now think about tone. Do a test run with a control group if you need to. Does your presentation catch attention? Great. Now, how does it come off? Professional? Friendly? Humorous? Shrill? Let’s say, for example, you represent a charity and are hoping to gain interest from potential high-end supporters. A 25 percent cotton sheet envelope, with elegant custom printing in a dark neutral shade, might say, “Our cause is worth it, we’re willing to invest in what counts.” Your message on the front might be phrased as a simple question, or perhaps only a company logo. Names should include a carefully researched form of address, such as “Dr.” or Ms.” Make sure you are getting the voice you want from the color, texture, size, font, and messaging. Your reader’s emotional tone will mirror yours.

Letter Jacket can help you put together that perfect presentation, and even offers free shipping on the first order. See what tech-savvy, a crafted message, and a beautiful custom envelope combined can do for you and your business. Go with the digital age and browse our selection online, or go old-school and call one of our professionals who are waiting and ready to assist you.

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