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Custom printed pre-pay envelopes are a great product for any school or sports photography business. They help speed up the parents’ order requests, and also save time and money.

How Pre-Pay Envelopes Can Be A Benefit To Your Business

Pre-pay envelopes can be used for parents to select their order specifications and enclose their money. When the final choices for prints to purchase are selected and ready, your business can enclose the printed photos in the envelope and mail them or give them to the child.

This functionality can streamline the ordering process, negating the need for several printed order forms and then a separate envelope for sending off finalized print orders. Not having to use several different paper products reduces costs, not to mention waste.

Custom Printing Makes Pre-Pay Even Better

Using pre-pay envelopes as both an order form and a delivery package requires a bit of versatility. The envelope will need to use a design that both serves as a complex business tool and as a mailer.

Luckily, our products can be printed with highly specific designs to match any business needs. Our printers can print the envelope with grids, bubble sheets or any other type of ordering method you wish to use.

You can choose how detailed you want the envelope to be. Print size, order volume, finish, custom borders and more can all be options to give parents the photos they want. These options can help generate extra revenue.

Better Printing Means Better Profits

In addition to your pre-pay envelope’s function as both a vessel and an order form, it can be used as a marketing tool. Eye-catching splash designs can cover the front side of the envelope, enticing parents to purchase the memories of their growing children.

Images of other children in action can help solidify the idea of the product they will be receiving when they order. Beautiful splash designs can also be used to evoke feelings of fun or cherished memories.

Your envelope’s design can help solidify your brand image with your business’s logo and present information representing your business capabilities. Parents will be able to see the name attached to the work you did for them, inviting the possibility for future family portraits or event photography services.

Save Time And Money

The best aspect about our company is that we specialize in envelopes. We limit our repertoire to this one item in an effort to provide one service as skillfully as possible.

Our focus also creates large economies of scale. The more orders we receive at one time, the less cost per printing, shipping and wholesale materials. We do our clients a favor and pass these savings onto them by giving bulk discounts for large orders. The more envelopes you order in advance, the more you save.

Go ahead and buy as much as you think you will need for the upcoming years. You will have extra stock, saving you money on unit prices. Take a look at our products paged to get started.

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