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Quick (Fun) Tips for Prepping Your Mail

Meet the writer: Karen Pieper

Hi, I'm Karen! I've been in the industry for 18 years and can't wait to share my perspective on all things direct mail. I'm currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Letter Jacket Envelopes and deal with tasks from managing the website, facilitating conversations with customers, and much more!

When you’re prepping your mail, are there a million things you’d rather be doing, like organizing your paper clip collection? If so, your mail might need more attitude. Whether you’re in the design or the mail-out phase, try a few of our quick (and fun) tips for injecting life into your mail prep, and getting your direct campaign where it needs to be. If it doesn’t pique your interest, how are you going to get anyone else excited to see what’s inside?  

Love your envelopes

If you’re the one prepping mail for a smaller campaign, you’re handling all the envelopes, which means you’re already in the place of the recipient. You can put yourself in your prospects’ or clients’ shoes. You need to love how your campaign looks, how the envelopes feel, the overall impression the envelopes make. One of the biggest points of using direct mail is maintaining that appeal to the senses. If you’re bored with handling your campaign after the first ten or twenty, let someone know, because that might mean your team goes back to the drawing board for more eye-catching, sense-delighting ideas. You are on the front lines for future improvements. So don’t check out. Keep your creative feedback cap on.

And another thing: stop licking stamps. It tastes gross! We’re pretty confident you are using a piece of moisture-applying technology, anyway. But self-seal envelopes are so much easier. And the paper strip is fun to peel away, too.

Go to another dimension

When you’re still in the planning stage, here’s an idea: experiment with envelope and address window dimensions. Your goal is to catch the attention of the person sorting through a stack of mail, much of which looks similar. If you have your envelope branded, accurately addressed, and otherwise on-target, it might be time for some extra pizzazz. Even if an element looks a little off the norm — just a bit unusual — it makes a reader stop and ask, “What’s this?” This can be especially helpful for prospects who don’t yet know how awesome you are, and how rewarding your campaigns are to open. Letter Jacket is always happy to customize window sizes and locations for you, and we can help you select the right corresponding envelope dimensions, as well.

There may be once or twice a year when you want to consider a booklet- or catalog-sized mailer for your campaign. A paper magazine, catalog, newsletter, or yearly report can make customers feel extra-special. And they definitely don’t blend in with your standard-dimension letter envelopes.

Get colorful

When you’re thinking through what will make your envelopes easy on the eye, don’t be afraid of color. A splash of color on your campaign paper can peek through a clear envelope window giving the first-impression pop. Your envelopes can have color, too. A colorful, clear, well-placed logo and the use of colored fonts can drive up the attention your campaign receives. You don’t want to overdo it — selecting colors is like selecting your words: you have to use tact. But not using color can hurt your business. In fact, when it comes to fundraising, using color has even been shown to raise a reader’s responsiveness to your ask. Is it magic? No, it’s the brain’s connection between aesthetics and emotion — a beautiful thing. And emotion has a crucial role to play in marketing when it comes to relationships and decision-making. So consider the brand, weigh your tone, and if color is the right move, don’t hold back from making a fun new choice for your campaign.

Find fun stamps

It’s difficult to design a stamp. A committee has to find the right kind of image that can be reproduced at minuscule dimensions and still look great, and the U.S. Postal Service is extremely selective, which is why stamps are tiny works of art. Geeky? Maybe. But we don’t apologize. Because stamps are amazing. If you’re working with a smaller campaign and have the time to affix paper stamps, this could be a great move for that super-personalized campaign which needs an extra level of high touch. A colorful, whimsical, elegant, or thematic stamp, coordinated with your envelope, works well for special invitations, holidays, once-a-year campaigns, thank yous, and client nurture, to name a few. It’s one of those special “extras” you might not want to choose every time, but you’ll definitely want to keep in your arsenal. When you need a bit more art, think stamps.

Have a mail prep party

If you are a small business handling your own mail, stuffing your own envelopes, we say, go you! Two hours into the process, however, you may not feel that way. That’s why we suggest that when prepping for that big mail-out, as you’re getting your campaign ready to go, make a party of it. Bring in some food, crank up the music or Netflix episodes, and go to town. Even if you’re just by yourself, it can be fun, but consider roping in a co-worker if the job might take hours. Prepping mail may seem at first glance like a mundane task, but if you know how to keep it interesting, you’re on the front lines of what makes your team’s marketing strategy go.

Whether it’s a regular campaign or a once-in-a-blue-moon special, Letter Jacket knows that no mail needs to be boring. We can help you find the right envelope match for your campaign that’s both practical and gets the attention it deserves. Browse our selection of fully customizable envelopes, or contact us today.

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