Non-Profit Strategies For End Of Year Giving

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Non-profit strategies can help you give generously this year. More people donate during this time of year than any other. The major reason for this is that at the end of the year, potential donors are keenly aware that tax season is upon them; donations are important tax deductions.

Non-profit strategies

The giving season consists of the last four to six weeks of the year. Here are some rules and guidelines for ramping up your fundraising efforts in this all-important time.

Avoid Gimmicks and Pleas

This may be the most important rule you can follow. Avoid simple gimmicks, and keep on task. Stay away from desperate pleas for a certain number of gifts by the end of the year. Do not fall prey to campaigns that sound like your nonprofit is in an emergency situation and will not survive without support.

Gimmicks and hype like this can actually have a negative effect on your efforts. If people think you are in danger of failing from lack of funding, they will be more inclined to take their donations elsewhere. Why fund an agency that could fail, when they could help one that is on the rise?

Keep it Consistent

Keep to a consistent message. For example, if you have spent all year as a new library talking about increasing and improving resources to patrons like more books and research databases, do not shift gears at the end of the year to talk about construction costs and hiring new staff.

Evolve your message over the life of your organization. Do not suddenly shift gears when it comes time to increase your fundraising efforts.

Direct Mail and Social Media

The best campaigns will combine your various media channels. A stunning direct mail campaign marked by a custom Letter Jacket envelope can direct donors to your website and social media channels, where they can donate online.

Using direct mail in this manner can improve your social media hits. Direct mail is not subject to spam filters. It will set you apart from the millions of social media postings that go out every day. An expertly designed custom envelope will help ensure that your mailing gets opened, and your overall giving campaign will be bolstered.

Campaign Year Round

You should be cultivating your direct mail, email and social media channels year round. In this way, you will build a list of potential donors so that you know how to properly target your end-of year campaign. Have a plan and a message in place, and create a strategy for reaching out to donors.

Do not be afraid to add phone calls into your campaign. Have seminars and meetings to show off the good your organization is doing. Let people see where their gifts are going.

The final few weeks of the giving season are an all-important time. It is vital to keep on task, stay consistent, and leverage your year-round campaign to make the most out of this major donation period.

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