The Revival of Letter Writing

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Hi, I'm Karen! I've been in the industry for 18 years and can't wait to share my perspective on all things direct mail. I'm currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Letter Jacket Envelopes and deal with tasks from managing the website, facilitating conversations with customers, and much more!

Be honest, how many unread emails are sitting in your email inbox right now? Communication is easier than ever before. We have text messages, emails, and social media. Instant communication has not only transformed the way we communicate, but it has also lessened the impact of the messages we are striving to convey. It turns out the average adult American has 500 unread emails sitting in their inbox. That means if your email doesn’t have a catchy title, it could end up buried and lost to digital oblivion. And it’s exactly why letter writing is poised for a revival. As life gets faster, the sending and receiving of letters have become more valuable than ever before.

Communication That Means Something

Whether you write in cursive script or print, there is something both nostalgic and comforting about holding a tangible letter in our hands. How many of us have a box somewhere of letters that we have saved? Somehow, opening a computer file to save email just isn’t quite the same. When communication has the ability to be instant and free, sending a letter really sends a statement. A physical letter is more than the sum of its parts, the stationary and envelope. Rather, taking the time to send a physical letter signals respect, friendship, and a desire for a deeper connection. We are giving something that is truly irreplaceable, our time. When you send someone a letter in the mail, you are sending a piece of yourself.

Ditch the keyboard, pick up a piece of paper and a pen, and write something by hand. Sometimes it is easier to put words on paper than it is to say them out loud. When we are face-to-face holding a conversation, there are opportunities for distractions or interjections. Plus, conversations can be forgotten. Letter writing provides an opportunity for you to really think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. Having your words expressed on paper allows the recipient to hold on to your words and reread them as many times as desired. Many of us long for a slower, more meaningful way to communicate, and that’s precisely what letter writing offers to us.

How do you improve your letter-writing?

To improve your letter-writing, use good quality paper and envelopes. Give your writing structure, read it out loud, incorporate your personality, and practice. To improve your penmanship, remember to use a nice pen, keep a relaxed grip, and write on unlined paper.

Who Should You Write To?

Of course, there isn’t really a wrong answer to the question. You can write to whomever you want. However, if you are looking for a place to start, we have some suggestions.

  • Thank You Notes – While you should always send handwritten thank you notes for gifts, you should also make it a habit to send thank-you notes when people do something for you or your company. Handwritten letters both recognize and show gratitude for the other person’s efforts.
  • Celebrating Special Occasions – Birthdays, graduations, promotions, holidays, marriages, and new homes are all good opportunities to send a letter and offer celebration.
  • Expressing Sympathy – When a friend, employee, or colleague is grieving, a handwritten letter can demonstrate your sympathy and understanding.

A More Meaningful Experience

For most of us, handwritten letters don’t appear in our mailbox very often. Letter-writing is a memorable way to connect with others and confirm the importance of your relationships. Taking the time to write a handwritten letter demonstrates that the relationship is something you want to invest in. To make letter-writing a new habit, start by keeping your favorite letter-writing supplies on hand so you can write whenever the time or inspiration strikes.

Flex your creativity and let letter-writing become a creative outlet. You need paper, good pens, and envelopes. We recommend starting with the envelope. Let your envelope selection match your mood. At Letter Jacket Envelopes, we are passionate about creating high-quality paper envelopes. We even offer a wide variety of customization options.

Once you’ve selected your envelope, you can pick your paper. You can use lined paper, pre-decorated stationery, or a blank sheet of paper that you can embellish yourself. With paper and envelope in hand, it’s time to start writing. You may choose to write in cursive or you might prefer print. If you’re struggling to write on unlined paper, you might hold a lined piece of paper underneath to help you. Choose a pen that feels good in your hand and glides easily over your paper. Once your letter is written, fold it up. For a little extra pizazz, you could seal your letter with wax, a sticker, or washi tape. Address your envelope, slip in your letter, and drop it in the mail.

With the right envelopes from Letter Jacket Envelopes, you can make sure that the heartfelt handwritten letter on the inside will be beautifully represented by a high-quality envelope on the outside. Whether you own a business, manage an office, or just need to send a lot of mail, we’re here to help. Visit our website or chat with an ordering specialist to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  • The sending and receiving of letters have become more valuable than ever before.
  • To improve your letter writing, use good quality paper, pens, and envelopes.
  • With the right envelopes from Letter Jacket Envelopes, you can make sure that the heartfelt, handwritten letter on the inside will be beautifully represented by a high-quality envelope on the outside.
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