We are True Envelope Consultants: Not Everyone Can Say That

Meet the writer: Karen Pieper

Hi, I'm Karen! I've been in the industry for 21 years and can't wait to share my perspective on all things direct mail. I'm currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Letter Jacket Envelopes and deal with tasks from managing the website, facilitating conversations with customers, and much more!

The idea of an envelope consultant might be intriguing and bemusing to many people. After all, how does one consult on envelopes? The truth is, an envelope consultant can be vital to your direct marketing campaign.

A consultant is someone who has a great deal of knowledge in a field, and who passes on that knowledge to others who may be in need of insight. Consultants are problem-solvers who help companies save money and resources while increasing efficiency.

When it comes to direct marketing, having a consultant advise you on your custom envelope needs can be essential to success.

True Envelope Consultant

At Letter Jacket, we are passionate about and experienced when it comes to envelopes design and manufacturing. No matter your custom design needs, we can provide envelopes that meet your exact specifications. We have plenty of experience to help when you are creating your envelopes.

More than that, however, we are true consultants in that we love to help other people. Our staff is here not just to lend you knowledge and experience, but to help you solve problems and save money.

First Impressions

When you engage in direct mail marketing, your clients will see the envelope before they ever see what is inside. The envelope you choose must present a striking first impression, making the recipient eager to open it up.

We offer a broad range of envelope selection and customization tools to make sure that you can create the perfect presentation for your campaign. When your clients receive a Letter Jacket envelope in the mail, they will want to see what lies within.

Consulting Solutions

Whether you want a standard #10 regular envelope with a custom window, an envelope to contain a 6×9 booklet or catalog or are in need of banking envelopes, we can provide what you want. If you are not sure what kind of envelope will be perfect for you, we will advise and work with you to find the solution.

That is what sets us apart from other companies. That is what marks us as true envelope consultants.

In-House Facilities

Not only are our staff experienced experts in planning and designing custom envelopes, we produce all of our envelopes in house. We have custom printing and manufacturing equipment on site.

This means that when we consult with you, we know our capabilities. We know exactly what kind of envelopes you will receive. We know just what the final product will look like. There is no guesswork when consulting with Letter Jacket.

Designed to Your Needs

When you consult with Letter Jacket, the envelopes for your campaign will be tailored directly to your needs. This does not stop at getting a beautiful envelope design. It extends all the way down to the number of envelopes you need, whether your campaign needs 100 envelopes or 5,000.

Lots of companies sell envelopes, and some even offer customization. None, however, are true envelope consultants like Letter Jacket.

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