We Are SFI Certified: What Does That Mean?

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SFI, or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, is a non-profit organization that has been working for years to ensure that logging and wood product manufacturing is done in a responsible and ethical manner. They can certify any companies that use products from SFI approved lumber sources as long as that company can demonstrate their chain of custody leading from the forest to their warehouses.

The certification process is rigorous and subject to oversight by multiple third parties. Letter Jacket takes this extra step to not only give back to the earth, but to provide you and your clients with added value in the form of environmentally responsible practices.

What Certification Means

SFI’s core function is to oversee the growth, management and harvesting of forests. They work with landowners, conservationists, research experts and industry professionals to make sure that forestry practices are sustainable and will cause no harm to ecosystems. Their certification and oversight process is managed through a grassroots network of enthusiastic SFI Implementation Committees.

Any forest under the watchful eye of SFI can be sure to protect wildlife habitat, water quality, biodiversity, at-risk species and areas that have an exceptional conservation value. To help ensure that these expectations are being met, SFI rigorously trains thousands of foresters, loggers and independent contractors on safe practices. By 2012 alone, over 142,000 individuals have completed SFI’s approved training programs.

How to Get Certified

The prime concern of SFI is to oversee the forests themselves. However, lumber suppliers and manufacturers that purchase the supplies can be certified as long as they can prove that their materials come mostly from SFI-approved sources.

Primary producers of raw wood products must abide by strict oversight to prove that their fiber sources come from SFI certified forests. A buyer from a primary producer — such as Letter Jacket, who buys raw paper products — must be able to prove that two thirds of their supplies come from SFI certified primary producers and SFI forests. The other third of their supply cannot come from controversial sources, which include illegal logging and countries that do not have responsible oversight of their forestry industry.

Benefits of SFI Certification

One major benefit of SFI certification is that Letter Jacket is able to ensure its own longevity. Without ethical practices, our supplies of lumber could become scarce because of overharvesting or environmentally irresponsible behaviors. Even more so, we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in a world where forests are still protected and valued by society.

Another reason we go through the trouble of proving our raw material supplies come from SFI certified sources is so that our clients can have the same peace of mind we do. Increasingly, environmental consciousness proves itself to be one of the most pressing values in our world. Many companies do not want to contribute to the problems created by destructive or self-serving practices. Their clients often share their values, getting reassurance that they can receive products and services from brands committed to making a difference.

To learn more about Letter Jacket and our commitment to responsible, high-quality practices, take a look at our informational page.

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