What are remittance envelopes?

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Remittance envelopes serve a crucial purpose for organizations that depend on donations to survive. These seemingly-innocuous pieces of folded paper carry potential food, clothing, labor funds or even fuel to help great ideas grow.

Despite the incredible importance of the envelope, many organizations do not stop to consider how they might go about making an envelope better-suited to their needs. All sorts of creative and practical ideas can be applied to a remittance envelope, often with the effect of added appeal or security for donors.

Help boost your donation drives or express your organization’s unique purpose with a custom-designed remittance envelope from Letter Jacket. We can take nearly any idea you could possibly throw at us and make it a reality. Here are some examples to get your creative gears turning:

More Secure Envelope Designs

Many remittance envelopes are asking for a lot of trust on the part of their donors. Not trust in the sense that their funds will go to a good cause, but rather trust in the sense that the funds or personal information contained in the envelope will not happen to fall into the wrong hands.

Most remittance designs allow anyone to pinch the top and bottom of the sealed envelope in a way that opens up the middle. Now, an unscrupulous party can read all of the donor’s personal information or possibly scoop out the check or cash inside to commit fraud. This scenario may not be likely, but it is certainly possible.

Custom remittance envelopes can prevent this sort of tampering with a few simple design tweaks. Added gum sealants can be placed along the sides of the enclosure flap and also towards the top of the actual envelope compartment. That way, tampering is immediately evident and the person doing the tampering cannot perform their deeds without ruining the envelope completely. This extra measure acts as a deterrent and identifying mechanism to ensure that if someone’s data is indeed stolen, they will learn about it soon after it occurs.

Added security tint can likewise protect the donor from a person holding the envelope up to a strong light to glean personal information.

Oversized Flap Design

Another method of protecting donor information is to simply double the length of the top enclosure flap and make a perforation about halfway through. This design allows the donor to fill out their card and then tear it off completely to store it in the envelope compartment along with the money, check or billing information.

Once again, this design adds security, but it also adds the opportunity to add extra copy or designs to the enclosing flap. Organizations have that much more real estate to create an emotional connection or persuade effectively. The added security also helps placate donors who were interested in contributing but were fearful of identity theft.

Let Letter Jacket unlock the potential of your donation campaign using custom remittance envelope ideas such as these. Contact us to tell us about your project and we can work together to create a custom envelope that perfectly fits your needs.

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