So What Makes Letter Jacket Envelopes Different?

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Hi, I'm Karen! I've been in the industry for 21 years and can't wait to share my perspective on all things direct mail. I'm currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Letter Jacket Envelopes and deal with tasks from managing the website, facilitating conversations with customers, and much more!

You’re not on Amazon Prime or driving to Office Depot right now. What’s your reason? Why are you checking out Letter Jacket Envelopes? Do you know everything we offer?

So What Makes Letter Jacket Envelopes Different?

Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to combine value with high quality without breaking the bank. Maybe you’re wondering how to be so smart with branding; you even get your envelopes involved. Or maybe you’re wondering what extra-special touches come along with a relationship with a paper company, rather than just a click-and-go.

Whether you’re new to customized envelopes or a seasoned veteran comparing your options, here’s what makes Letter Jacket Envelopes different.

Customers (like you) love us

We hate to brag, but… we just have to brag. How can we keep it quiet when our customers love us and come back for more? Hundreds of online reviews have us at a solid 5 stars, and we aim to keep it that way. How? Keep reading.

Quick shipping

Good things come to those who wait, but we don’t want you to wait long. We get things turned around fast and get them back to you so you can get your snappy new envelopes into the hands of your audience, ASAP. All online orders ship to you in 3 days or less, no matter how customized or fancy you ask us to make them. No holding up your project. Seriously.

Free shipping for first-time customers

We want to give first-time customers a taste of the great service they have to look forward to every time they order with us. That’s why we offer free UPS Ground shipping for first-time orders. Just use the discount code FSFO at checkout! We think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…


Our selection is as diverse as your office needs, but we still keep it simple. Offering and tithe, banking, catalog, booklet, business, correspondence, invitations and RSVPs, bill payments, President’s reports, and fundraising campaigns—these are just a few of the things your business or non-profit handles every day in order to grow and get things done. Our selection offers solutions for these and more. Plus, our inventory is easy to navigate, and customer service is always on hand to help you make your best choice.


We’re into envelopes, but we’re secretly nuts about marketing, too. We understand the importance of growing your brand and standing out. That’s why all of our envelopes are customizable. Colors, fonts, sizing, texture, and window placement all help you target your chosen audiences, get your message across with panache, and capture your best ROI. A great letter or campaign starts with a great envelope because it’s what your reader sees first. When we help you customize, we’re thinking about the big picture, giving your audiences a sneak-peek at your message so they’ll open their mail and jump on that call to action.

Repeat orders

We think relationships with small businesses rock. But if you are addicted to online one-click ordering, we don’t blame you. It’s so easy! After you’ve put in an order with us, we can save that order in an online account, so all you have to do is come back, log in, and click to reorder. That applies to customized envelopes, too. We’ll save your design and get you more of the envelopes you love, pronto.  Repeat orders make buying office supplies that much simpler and help you save money by avoiding overstock.

Creative planning

What do your business goals look like for the next year? Do you tend to cycle through similar seasons and events? Our team would love to consult with you on putting together different orders that can serve you throughout the year—such as one for daily office use and one for fundraising season—and then set you up with repeat ordering for those orders, for your convenience.

Great support

We don’t just want your order. We want to be in cahoots with you about marketing, design, vision, campaign strategy, and the success of your business or organization. Every single envelope at Letter Jacket Envelopes represents a project and a goal you’re trying to reach. And we are passionate about the small things (envelopes!) that help people maximize their impact. Our awesome support team is here for you at

Helpful tips

Every week, we post new blog content that’s helpful, easy to browse, and fun to read. From adventures in social media and direct mail, to tracking carbon footprint, to getting your ROI on postcards and letters, we want to provide our customers, casual readers, and groupies plenty of fodder for thought and improvement. Whether you decide to go with us or not for your next envelope order, our online resources are here for you.

A fun side

We get business done, but we’re not all business. We’re a small company with a lot of personality, and we want to share our creativity, energy, and spark with you. We’ve got lots of great ideas bubbling for your next envelope project, whether that’s for a small business, big business, non-profit, or house of worship.

What else is there to say? We’re ready to impress you. Let us show you how to turn an envelope into a frugal marketing investment and make the most of your mail. It’s easy to get in touch through email, phone, or online chat. Hope to hear from you soon!

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are positive you will love your envelopes! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will make it right!


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