Why You Need A Envelope Logo

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An envelope logo is very important to a business, without one people can easily get different business “players” mixed up, and any sense of loyalty dwindles.

Because of this effect, using your company logo on the envelopes you send is crucial. An envelope with a high-quality logo printing on the outside can have quite an impact on recipients. They will be able to recognize who was trying to reach them upon first glance while, also, eliciting all of the associations your logo has cultivated over the years.

How Branding Helps Businesses

Branding has quickly evolved into one of the most essential components of any business strategy. A well-branded company is like a well-developed character in a film or novel: when someone is asked to describe it, they should have volumes to say. If people cannot think of any way to describe your business’ “personality” or values, then you have failed from a branding perspective.

These branded aspects craft a sense of added value to your products. For example, a “Tree Doctor” company is not just “the people who do landscaping,” but “the people who genuinely care about the long-term health of any trees on your property.” This association separates them from a generic product and opens the door to niche customers who share their values. Associations like these also make customers feel as if they are getting a little extra care and knowledge with their purchase.

How an Envelope Logo Helps

Once you have created a reliable brand image, you will want to be able to remind customers of this reputation without taking great efforts every time. Sometimes a catchy name is all that is required, but mere words can become muddled together or forgotten over time.

Images, however, can provide a more unique experience. Rather than having to attach mental associations with a word or name, a picture can represent everything that needs to be said. Even if your logo is just your company name in a unique typeface, that image has the potential for a much more profound effect than a couple of unadorned letters.

The best logos are instantly recognizable, visually appealing and have been used to reinforce brand associations for years at a time.

Always Have an Envelope Logo

If your organization has taken the care and effort to distill their image into a logo, then there is no sense in wasting it. A logo can serve as an ambassador for all of the values and associations your brand has cultivated. Making the mistake of sending off a blank envelope is like sending off a blank letter: your recipient will wonder if you had anything to say in the first place.

Instead, represent your company directly upon the envelope. Before the recipient even tears through the paper, they will already begin to understand what you are trying to say. This mark of professionalism speaks volumes about your organization and indicates that you are taking pride in the messages you send.

To represent your company well, make sure that the envelopes and printing you use are the highest possible quality. Here at Letter Jacket, we focus on a custom printing process that gives a sense of visual richness to every envelope we create.

We also send off real proofs before fulfilling your order to confirm that you are getting a product you truly want. Anything less would be doing your logo and reputation a disservice. Take a look at our products page to find envelopes that can be custom printed to suit your needs.

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