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Churches that are in need of more money to keep up with day-to-day expenses should find strategies that increase awareness of the importance of donations. One of these strategies is to call attention to tithing using eye-catching custom printed money envelopes that feature vibrant colors and distinctive church branding.

Money Envelopes

Tithing is the lifeblood of any religious institution. Big donations, fundraisers and the occasional grant can sustain budgets for a while, but these sources of income can be quite unpredictable. By contrast regular, consistent donations from church members can keep operations afloat.

Even if someone decides to only give five dollars a week, that is $260 more throughout the year that can go to operations, mission work, program expansions, new equipment or charity. If enough people contribute regularly, churches have a steady stream of income that can allow them to develop long-term plans rather than operating under “feast or famine” unpredictability.

One of the keys to encouraging this type of regular tithing is to emphasize it as a component of worship. Congregation members must be able to see tithing envelopes as an element of the church that is just as crucial as the lights and pews. Custom branded envelopes can help reinforce this connection. After all, without tithing, neither of those things would likely exist.

Yes it is true that worship can occur anywhere as long as there is faith, but churchgoers who expect comfort and activities that bind the community together must be willing to do their part to make it happen. It is not enough to simply mouth the words of the gospel and hope that somehow things will fix themselves. Instead, people need to be willing to put words into action. For those who do not have the time to donate their labor to service, the money they earned with their regular labor can suffice. This arrangement is part of the unspoken social contract of religious communities.

How Branded, Colored Envelopes Remind People of Their Duty

Plain white money envelopes can tend to fade into the background once people have seen them day in and day out. The idea of contributing using something so mundane can feel like escorting an important diplomat in the backseat of some Uber driver’s Kia.

Instead, congregation members must feel as if there is some prestige tied to their donation. A branded envelope can help them remember exactly where their money is going and that it will be funding something worthy of the labor they used to earn it.

Branded, colorful envelopes also catch the eye in ways that plain envelopes cannot. People are less likely to let their vision merely skip across the surface of the envelope as they search for a Bible or hymn book. Instead, their eyes will fall on the attention-grabbing slip of folded paper and remember why tithing is so important in the first place.

Take a look at our tithing envelope product line to get inspired about how you can add your own custom artwork and colors to encourage more people to give anything they can.

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