3 Custom Business Envelopes to Always Keep in Stock

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When it comes to office supplies, you always want to stay efficient and scaled back. You also want the most bang for your buck. If you know what you need, you save money, reduce waste, and avoid a colorful, jumbled avalanche when you open the supply cabinet. So how do you stay scaled back without missing out on something you need? We can’t speak for all your office needs, but we can definitely speak for envelopes. So, we’ve compiled a short list of some of our most popular custom business envelopes that business owners, non-profit leaders, and church administrators like you have decided they can’t do without.

Envelope #1: Custom Business Envelope with Window

This is your All-American gold star standard business envelope, made to fulfill a variety of general and large-scale business needs while maintaining a high capacity for audience engagement across the board. Our customers have found it ideal for direct mail, billing, subscription renewal, special offers, and more, and here’s why:

First, the window. Simple, right? A window gives you easy addressing for bulk mail, but you can also leverage it for design. If your envelope doesn’t catch the eye, elicit trust, and tell what’s inside at a glance, it’s just not going to get opened. A window gives an official, formal look to a document. It also helps clarify the contents while filling out your aesthetic vision for your campaign. A window can provide a sneak peek of messaging, or if you decide to print your direct mail on special or colored paper, a flash of color or texture. Letter Jacket can even design an envelope for you with a custom window. This means you choose the size and location of your window to creatively coordinate with the brand and get noticed.

Above all, don’t forget the importance of that magic little word, “custom.” A custom printed business envelope means that your readers know who they’re dealing with, and get a sense of your identity, from the moment they open the mailbox. If you expect your reader to open your envelope before they’ve interacted with your logo and gotten a brief feel for your brand, as well as the purpose of your outreach, you’re not going to find much success with your campaigns. So, get yourself some custom printed envelopes with windows, and keep this tried and true companion at your side.

Envelope #2: Custom Printed with Self-Seal

Windows are great. But not everything you mail is a campaign. That’s why we sell a lot of this second envelope staple. Custom printed self-seal envelopes rock it in the arena of business stationery. Transfer your custom print design and adjust it to suit your less formal and more personal business needs: staff members’ correspondence, invitations, thank you letters, and yearly giving reports, to name a few. These are also great for daily use for nonprofits and churches, who may not want to communicate with the kind of formality an envelope with a window suggests. In the wrong context, a window can come off as cold or detached. This is your envelope of choice when you need solid paper all-around, more suggestive of a letter than a campaign.

And did we mention how much your staff will love you for providing small-batch envelopes they don’t have to lick or moisten with a leaky water pen? Though licking glue for twenty correspondence letters might develop my character, it’s not the highlight of the day. Unless you plan to provide free bottled water to your staff during mail-outs, join our otherwise customers and consider an easy self-seal solution.

Envelope #3: Custom Printed Offering Envelopes

Obviously, this one won’t apply to everyone. (You could try an offering envelope at your dental practice, but we’re not sure it’ll go very far.) But for churches and faith communities that encourage the giving of tithes, funds, or alms, it’s crucial to keep your giving process tidy. Your organization has a very particular vision for how to spend its resources. And every faith community has different distribution, different recipients, and even different kinds of giving depending on the time of year. Missions organizations, urban farming projects, arts initiatives, food pantries, cancer research, emergency relief, and ongoing building campaigns are just a few ways a faith community will distribute its offerings. On top of that, you’re dealing with free-will offerings, and so you have an extra responsibility to maintain parishioner trust and stay organized.

Why do I need a custom business envelope?

A custom printed business envelope can provide direct mail recipients a sense of an organization’s identity and build expectation for the contents. Many business and non-profit organizations invest in custom business envelopes as part of their overall marketing strategy. Custom envelopes express and unify branding, catch the eye, and add professionalism to direct mail.

Make it easy on yourself. Custom printed offering envelopes include a custom-printed design to reflect the character of your community and remind parishioners that they’re giving to a place they call home. Adding color to your design can even help remind parishioners to give as it catches their eye during the service. Even if you use an e-giving system, you still want to give those signed up for automatic deductions, for example, to have the chance to give on-site and spontaneously. Custom printing also includes the names of discrete funds parishioners can give to so they can indicate a giving preference if they have one, and your church accountant can keep careful track. A custom printed offering envelope helps make crystal clear: where exactly is a parishioner’s money going? It keeps your giving flow organized, can serve as an act of hospitality and respect, and it helps your finance department make those tax-deductible gift reports in January so much easier.

We’d love to help get your envelopes ship-shape! When you’re ready to stick to what you need and never run out of the essentials, give Letter Jacket a call. We’ll stock you with great custom printed business envelopes of the shape, sizes, and colors that suit you!

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