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Made in the United States


Made in the United States

quality custom printed business envelopes

Custom-Printed Envelopes 101: Bangtails

Bangtail envelopes are a relatively uncommon paper folding design where a loose slip of paper is attached to the envelope flap or the back of the envelope, just like a tail. This slip is attached with ...

Custom Printed Envelopes 101: Envelope FAQs

Learn about how custom-printed envelopes work, including the ordering process and how to request complete customization with our bespoke fabrication options by reading these envelope FAQs. What is a Custom-Printed Envelope? The difference between a custom ...

Custom Window Envelopes: Stand Out Amongst the Rest

According to a study performed by the New York University School of Law, more than 44 percent of junk mail is thrown away, unopened. Here at Letter Jacket, we know your mail is anything but junk. ...

Our Envelope Making Process

The envelope is such a commonplace part of our lives that few stop to think about the steps required to transform raw materials into the white, paper envelopes we know and love. To help lend some ...

Letter Jacket’s Innovative Envelope Art Uploader

It’s no secret that various paper product sellers have had their own envelope art uploaders for years now. But the majority of them are slow, clunky and simply not optimized for user experience. Letter Jacket has ...

Real Proofs Means You Get A Quality Envelope

One of our strengths as a printing company is that we send out proofs to show you the product you will be ordering. These proofs help your organization get an accurate depiction of what you are ...

You Win Because We Make and Print Envelopes

At Letter Jacket, envelopes are our passion. Our entire business model is geared towards thousands of different versions of one outstanding product. This specialization means that nothing can get in the way of us providing the ...

Give Alumni What They Want| Direct Mail Campaigns

When constructing a direct mail campaign as a college or university alumni association, it is important to be certain you are delivering what your alumni want and need, to ensure that your mailing doesn’t wind up ...

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