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Hi, I'm Karen! I've been in the industry for 21 years and can't wait to share my perspective on all things direct mail. I'm currently the Digital Marketing Manager at Letter Jacket Envelopes and deal with tasks from managing the website, facilitating conversations with customers, and much more!

When it comes to your customers receiving mail, an envelope is the first thing they will see, but it should never be the last. Certain types of mailers fail to grab attention, or they can even deter interest with their bland presentation.

To help ensure that this is not the reaction you will get, be sure to use any technique you can to make your envelopes stand out and communicate clearly. After all, the message inside is no good if no one opens up the envelope to read it.

Why a Good Envelope is Like a Good First Impression

Imagine if someone handed you a blank business card. Imagine if they shook your hand at a business conference but did not tell you their name or who they work for. These scenarios are similar to sending a plain white envelope in the mail.

Aspects like firm handshakes, eye contact, friendly demeanors and clear introductions are all part of making a good first impression. You connect with the person on a human level, but you also understand that they are professional and represent an organization.

In effect, this interaction is just as much about establishing relevance as it is about being polite. Within a business scenario, this communication becomes extremely important. There is no use letting someone chat your ear off if they are merely here for the free coffee. They must have some information to tell you and possibly some potential offer behind it to make them worth your time.

Envelopes are the same way. Logos, copy or offers printed on the outside are not only polite, they also establish relevance. Someone who is unaware of the type of business sending them mail may be annoyed to open a letter and read six paragraphs only to find out that it’s about something that cannot help them.

Instead, be forward and explain why your recipient should be interested from moment one. They will be more likely to read what is inside, and they will be more receptive to an offer if they know what they can expect.

How Custom Envelopes Can Make an Even Better Impression

Just as if a blank or plain business card can make you wary of a business, a blank piece of mail can be a bad omen. Get the opposite effect by having a strong branding presence right there on the envelope. You will communicate no small amount of professionalism, and you will help build trust with your recipient.

Even better, your custom printing can say something about your business through the way it is designed. If you wanted to come across as creative, for instance, you could have a full design wrapping around the entire envelope. If you wanted to communicate efficiency, you could have a professional logo and a brief statement of your offer on the outside. Anything you put on the envelope can have a dramatic effect on how the contents are perceived by the recipient.

Letter Jacket can custom print nearly any envelope design to fit your needs. We have extensive experience making our clients happy and making their mail recipients excited to open the envelopes they get. Take a look at our products page to start getting inspired.

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