Postage Add-ons That Are Worth the Extra Cost, Part 2

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Social media integration, digital crossover, custom printing, design, and color can all boost your direct mail ROI without breaking your postage budget. There are times, however, when tossing a few extra bucks USPS’s way may be worth it. Postage add-ons and “extras” can gain attention, retain it, and draw readers into commitment.

More Postage Add-Ons Worth the Extra Cost

Back in June, we told you about going big or going home with postage add-ons, and provided tips for determining when they’re worth it. Here we bring you part two, featuring a short recap and a few new suggestions. Happy mailing!

Recap: Shape and size

The gist of this tip is that you may want to consider using the element of surprise by simply changing your reader’s expectations regarding envelope shape or size. For example, a square envelope costs more to mail, but because it is unusual it immediately grabs attention. Larger packages, or even noticeably petite sizes, can visually indicate special content. You don’t need to go crazy, of course, but we recommend considering varying envelope sizes or even shapes over the course of your yearly direct mail campaign schedule to keep things fresh.

Letter Jacket Envelopes can provide custom, full-color printing for any of our envelopes, whatever size. Check out what we’ve got, and upload your design right from our website.

Recap: Texture and weight

With paper, tangibility offers a unique experience — it’s the whole point. With this in mind, you may want to emphasize its tactile properties as much as you can, not only to attract the attention of the eyes but also those ten little information sponges known as fingers. Messages received through the sense of touch are some of the most impactful. Use this sensory approach! Heavier or more textured paper like linen weave or cardstock can indicate your content is extra special, as this kind of paper is typically reserved for official documents, invitations, and unique correspondence.

Fortunately, special paper doesn’t have to cost you more on the postage end. Have you seen Letter Jacket Envelopes’s cotton blend? Whatever texture you’re feeling, we’re ready to customize your envelopes to match your campaign’s needs!

Recap: Reply cards and SASEs

Reply cards and self-addressed stamped envelopes build bridges for easy commitment, conversions, giving, and bill pay. They make the process of responding to you simple. Taking a moment to fill out and mail a card or form requires more purpose and time than a click or a social media share. Reply cards are also extremely classy and versatile, and SASEs can be highly professional — but don’t forget: with the right touches, they can offer warmth and a personal touch, too.

Need a tinier reply envelope to fit inside your perfect campaign envelope? We’ve got a size for that. Check out our inventory. We can get your reply envelope customized, too.


Any non-paper item in your envelope will stand out due to its weight and texture, often making people wonder what’s inside. Even someone who thinks they have no intention of engaging with your message can be persuaded to open a curious envelope.

Freebies are fun, and they can substantially influence interest in your mail, as long as they are targeted, personal, and integrated with your message. If a “freebie” seems like a reasonable step in connecting to prospects and customers, think about how your offering might be useful, attention-getting, fun, or engaging. Be decisive. Keep it simple. Finally, make sure it gives a logical link to your CTA.

Good freebies could include:

  • a coin (to remind people to give financially to your cause)
  • a refrigerator magnet
  • product samples
  • a membership card (ready to be activated)

Want to get even more out of the box? Ever consider using a packet of seeds as a marketing tool? You could if you were a retreat center, an urban farming non-profit, or a company advertising “spring deals” or “new beginnings.” Possibilities to be creative exist. Simply watch that budget and make sure you’re hitting the people you want, at the right time, with your message.

More material

Brevity may be the soul of wit, but there are times when you need to spin an engaging yarn. Packing more paper into an envelope can cost more in postage, but strong storytelling can help nurture a long-term relationship. You can also encourage meaningful and profitable conversions.

Say you’re looking to highlight a financial goal. Rather than sprinkling a standard ask letter with a few quotes or pictures, you might want to produce a mini-mag or a glossy fold-out. Give the full update on the projects you have going, sharing stories and showing off your best images and most creative layout. Recipients will not only feel like they’re in the know but also as though they’ve been taken behind the scenes. They may even get the impression, from the quality and volume of the material, that there’s momentum behind the effort and that you’re invested in it — creating the feeling that their investment wouldn’t be wasted. You’re building interest, trust, and engagement.

You might also consider printing materials that you’d normally share digitally, like invitations, calendars, catalogs, and newsletters. Print materials encourage your audience to slow down and spend time with your brand. They’re a great way to leverage tangible appeal and stand out among the countless electronic communications your audience receives each day.

In sum

Sometimes, less is more. Sometimes, more is more. You have to decide which comes when. Use this blog to help you decide when it’s wise to splurge — in just the right amounts — to elevate your message. When you’re ready to package your message and get it popping, Letter Jacket Envelopes is here. We offer a top-notch selection of affordable envelopes and great service. And don’t forget: customizing to fit your need is one of our favorite things, ever.

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