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If your organization doesn’t have custom printed envelopes yet, what are you waiting for? Custom printed envelopes are a vital ingredient of print marketing as well as daily correspondence, bill and donation collecting, and keeping in touch with clients and parishioners. We know you want to make a savvy investment, so here’s a list of some of our top custom printed envelopes that tend to get a lot of mileage.

Everyday envelopes

#10 regular (4 ⅛ x 9 ½)

This is your standard “workhorse” envelope. When it comes to mailing and handling business documents (especially 8 ½ x 11), this one does your heavy-duty lifting. It’s what you want to house folded documents, business correspondence, and newsletters. It’s also good for payments and billing, and if you use it for marketing, this is the envelope for that “official” look. If you need slightly larger to fit more folded paper or to make a special impression there’s always #11. But #10 is going to be your most run-of-the-mill envelope for business mailing needs. And when you need replies or RSVPs to official correspondence, the slightly smaller #9 slips right inside. (Think about stocking up on custom printed #9s if you request official replies a lot.)

6 ¾ regular (3 ⅝ x 6 ½)

This little guy works for smaller correspondence. It’s the envelope you see in the mailbox and think, “Yay! Something from a friend!” It’s also commonly used as a (less formal than #10) reply envelope to fit inside a 7 ¾ (see below). Custom printed, this envelope works super well for invitations, marketing and announcements, very informal “hellos,” in-house correspondence, and interoffice communications. Checks also fit very snugly. (A convenient hint to clients and parishioners?)

7 ¾ regular (3 ⅞ x 7 ½)

How often do you need to reach out, collect a payment or donation, send a warm note or update, or collect an RSVP that’s not quite “all-business?” If the answer is “pretty often,” stock up on these! This envelope is also ideal for mailing payments because it’s sized for reply slips, reply envelopes, and checks. It’s also built, like we said, to house those cute little 6 ¾ reply envelopes, so don’t be shy about pairing them together.


When you’ve figured out which envelopes you’re going to use most for business, marketing, and correspondence, now consider which need windows. At Letter Jacket, plastic windows are customizable by size and location on the envelope, so you can make just the impression you’re hoping for, meet specs, and get the right effect. Most windowed envelopes are #9 or #10, but they’re also available in your 6 ¾, 7 ¾, and even a booklet size. Every organization uses them. Check them out!

Everyday options

Don’t neglect your options! Security tint might be important to your organization, and we’ve got it in black and blue, crosshatch and FDIC design. Depending on your mailing system, you also might want to consider self-sealing envelopes, especially for envelope sizes that will go out as reply envelopes (give your clients a break from licking envelope gum!) and those that will only go out as small-batch campaigns (give yourself a break from envelope gum!). Finally, if you’re frequently handling money in a public forum (tithe and offering envelopes are a good example), invest in specialized coin, banking, and donation envelopes you use every day and get those suckers customized to keep organized and boost your brand.

A few-times-a-year envelopes

Why not go ahead and stock up on those envelopes you know you’re going to use a few times a year, too? Customizing these envelopes for fundraising campaigns, special marketing plugs, literature distribution, and holiday greetings can get you the right kind of attention in the mailbox and keep your branding consistent.

Catalog and booklet

In white wove or brown kraft, these envelopes come in 6 x 9 to 12 x 15 ½in other words, from fairly large to huge. They are built to make an impression and they house both your vital, official documents that do not fold, like certificates, and your specially-constructed, large, and thick materials, like inventory catalogs, magazines, substantial newsletters, end-of-the-year reports, literary journals, and booklets. The difference is that catalog envelopes can come slightly larger and always open along a top seam, while booklet envelopes open along a side seam. When you want your clientele to sit down, open, and peruse a document, this is a great envelope.

Special greetings

For sending cards, holiday correspondence, or special greetings to high-touch clients, consider a special size envelope customized just for that purpose, pulling out all the stops. A 6 x 9 booklet envelope would fit a large greeting card, while a #10 would fit a slender holiday greeting or house holiday donations. Explore unusual sizes, too. There’s no hard and fast rule here. Be creative! When it’s time to send something with an extra-fancy touch, keep a stock on hand of custom printed envelopes to feel personal while staying on brand, and invest a little extra in them to give them the right tone for a special occasion.

Not only are we confident you’ll use the heck out of your custom printed envelopes, but we also think you’ll love them. And when you know what you need, you can sign up for our online reorder program and save yourself the trouble of remembering to restock. Letter Jacket has your back for all your envelope needs. Just give us a shout!

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