Letters from an Envelope, Part 3: Dressing Up Tithe Envelopes for Church

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One of our custom tithe envelopes asked if she could have a word or two with our customers. She’s one of our favorite envelopes around here, and she heard a rumor that some churches think tithe envelopes are going the way of the barn raising. But she knows it’s just not true. In fact, quite the opposite…

Letters from an Envelope, Part 3: Dressing Up Tithe Envelopes for Church

Dear Reader,

Long, long ago, you paid pastors in apples and roasting hens. Then churches needed cash for things. And nowadays people can even be nervous about giving money to the church. You need extra hospitality in your finance. 

I’m writing to tell you that we tithe envelopes are spiritually mindedand we do lots of earthly good!

Now, we know humans are obsessed with money. Lord bless them! But when they part with it for charitable reasons, do you know how much they enjoy seeing it labeled and sealed? Tithe envelopes signal that you’re responsible, with gifts! 

But I’m getting ahead of myself; there’s something that’s concerning me, dear Reader. And that is the popular myth that tithe envelopes are obsolete. Online giving helps people give regularly, automatically. And I say praise be! But! Paper does something that giving portals can’t.

Music. Lighting. Comfortable pews. Special images. Why all of this sensory stuff? You humans have five senses that ask for input. Even in spiritual matters! The more senses you “speak” to, the more you get attention and the deeper the message goes.

Tithe envelopes are unique “call-to-action tools” because they involve hands, eyes, and a community. Combine us with online giving to handle spontaneous gifts, new givers, and special seasons, and you’ve got a 360-degree action plan for speaking to people wherever they are in their giving journey. 

We’re also a great teaching tool! When kids see their parents put an envelope in the offering plate every week, they’re learning a powerful lesson. It may teach a few grown-ups around them, too.

Why not put money directly in the basket? Envelopes make it easier to collect and allocate funds in an orderly way. And branded tithe envelopes communicate the identity of the congregation or the character of the specific giving initiative. Make your giving goal clear and make givers feel confident!

Now here are a few ways you can dress up tithe envelopes for church:

Mail-ready Tithe Envelopes

These have room for an address and a stamp if needed. They’re also great for holidays, campaigns, or people who can’t be at church. Use any size branded envelope that accommodates a check or two snugly. They’re multi-use and look sharp.

Mission-minded Tithe Envelopes

Include the mission statement of the church. Just make sure it’s short, sweet, and clear! It can be a verse of scripture, too. This reminds people that they’re giving to a larger cause, and what kind of cause it is. Weekly giving is not the same as building a new gym!

Logo-laden Tithe Envelopes

Get your church or denomination logo front and center! Or pick another image that speaks to the heart of your giving mission. Employ color in your image (or selectively in your font) that’s welcoming and warm, and don’t forget to include your church’s name. Include a little info about where they can give online, too!

Finally, in closing, have you talked to Letter Jacket Envelopes yet? They’re a lovely group of people, and they’re experts in helping faith communities craft giving envelopes to raise impact.

They’ll even give you free shipping on your first order



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