Direct Mail

Marketing to Busy Parents: Best-Kept Secrets

We’re kicking off a best-kept secrets series, and starting it with a target audience that might be on your radar: busy parents. From lunch menus to doctors appointments to work meetings, parents are bombarded with official information ...

Are Newsletters Old News?

Hear ye, hear ye, extra, extra! You’ve got updates, announcements, thank-yous, and stories to share. That’s because things around your business or non-profit are buzzing. Or maybe you’re trying to create some buzz. However it’s going ...

5 Ways to Raise Your Direct Mail ROI

You pay more for tailored Italian chinos than for cargo khakis. But wearing your chinos to the beach and your khakis to an interview wouldn’t be your smartest move. You’ve got to strategize how you wear ...

Postcard or Letter: When to Send Which

The World Cup is over. Can you handle more competition? We’re sending two popular direct mail items head-to-head: the Postcard or Letter. When planning a campaign, one of your most important decisions is format. It affects ...
holiday fundraising mail

How to Spice Up Your Fundraising Mail

During fundraising season, you’re marketing to two groups: those who have never given (prospecting mailings) and those who have (house-file mailings). Here are a few tips on how to capture them both, while spicing up your ...
Man writing a letter - emotional impact of letters

Emotional Impact of the Analog Letter

Emails are fast. Easy. They seem super-cheap. They’ve revolutionized business and non-profit communications with no sign of turning back. So why bother sending a piece of paper stuffed into an envelope anymore? Learn to leverage the emotional ...

Add-ons That Make Extra Postage Worth it

We know you’re watching the budget for your office, and an important part of the budget is postage. When you’re ready to save as much as you can, we’ve got tips for you. But here’s the ...

Direct Mail and Data Security: Top 5 Ways to Stay Safe | Letter Jacket Envelopes

Remember that note you passed in fourth grade? It could have been a Valentine. It could have been of the “Do you like me? Check Yes or No” variety. It was supposed to go straight to ...

Who's Reading Your Direct Mail?

You want to make sure your direct mail gets to the right audience at the right time. Do you know who’s reading your direct mail campaigns? We’re not talking about making sure your mailing lists include ...

How to Save Money on Postage

We’ve always known that direct mail can give you a uniquely great return on investment. But if you have anything to do with balancing your business’ books, you know that investment is the right word. It ...

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